Thursday, December 15, 2011

I love to run...

Truly I do, really love it.  Especially on those days when everything just feels right.  You are able to clear your brain from the 'piles' of things you feel that you should be doing - laundry, cooking, cleaning, even spending time with family to carve out that little piece for yourself.  Those days when the weather is your perfect temp (whatever that may be).  Mine seems to be around 35-40 degrees - crisp and cool.  Your body feels good, no real aches and pains (at least tolerable levels).  On those days running is easy to love.
Luckily, I've had a few of those runs lately.  Not enough that I'm dying to get out the door every single day, but enough that some days I am chomping at the bit to get a run in.  Today is one of those days.
Being able to run through pregnancy was awesome, but it was also hard and I didn't have those perfect runs for whatever reason.  Being able to run with this:
is a total treat, but I admit it's hard to have a perfect run when you are busy protecting your precious cargo from the yahoos out on the streets.  Not to mention the extra weight - great for making you stronger, but not so light and free.  Days when B can keep M and I'm able to just go sans stroller I feel bouncy.  I'm definitely not complaining.  I want all the days, but I just really want to appreciate those few that really keep me coming back and leave me feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and healthy. 

These thoughts were all leading me up to the fact that I don't have a routine anymore.  I don't have a goal anymore.  I don't have a plan for those days when I don't want to get out the door.  M is 5-1/2 months old.  I think it's time.  Just running when I want too or can find the time was great for a while, but I think it's time to get more serious.  I know that my schedule as a running mother will have to be flexible, but flexible is better than non-existent.  Right?  So, what's the plan?  What should I train for?  5K, 10K, 1/2, marathon?  Initial thought is marathon training is too time consuming for now.  So, focus on a 1/2 or work on that 5K PR?  This is what's on my mind.  Time will tell what I decide. 

Till then, run on.

Legs & Lager 5K

Ok, so posts are few and far between, but that's not because I don't have things to say.  Time just slips away these days.  Mostly thanks to M:

But, I wouldn't change that for the world.  Then, there are the holidays to prepare for and in-laws moving back to town.  Anyway, I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things.  I thought to begin I would back track to the last race I did - Legs & Lager 5K.  B and I both did this run sans stroller thanks to Great Granny coming to stay with M.  Pre-race we decided to do some warm up running on the single track just off the Greenways trail that the race was being run on.  That all went well and good.  (Running single track and not falling is a little unusual for me - hehe).  We realized we had some more time so we decided to go around the block prior to race start.  About 1/2 way around we hear the 5 minutes till race and decide to head back and take the short cut on the old railroad track.  I cut the corner short and hit a hole where there evidently was a post at some point, but was covered with leaves and down I went.  Lovely, always good to start a race bloody and bruised.  It probably looked worse than it was.  I got some sympathy from fellow racers prior to the start which is always nice.  ;-)  I gave B a kiss then went to line up close to the back since I'm not feeling very speedy as of late (or ever really - ha).  The gun went off and we took off.  I made sure not to go out too fast.  Managed to pick off a few peeps on the way out, then distracted myself by cheering the race leaders (including B) on their way back.  I finally made it to the turn around and realized I still felt pretty good.  Had a bit of a mental let down when the slight turn in the trail was not the one closest to the end as I had thought.  Luckily my pride at just having passed a couple people and B cheering me on allowed me to keep pace until the end.  Finished in 24:47.  I took another minute off my post-baby time.  Only one more minute to take off before I'm back to pushing for a new PR.  Whoohoo.  Considering my sporadic running schedule lately I'll take it.

Till next time - run on.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rails to Trails with Baby

We perfected using the Burley with a carseat during our chill Monday Night rides, but doing a long ride still seemed a stretch for a 4 month old.  Last weekend we decided to take a chance and see how it would go.  We found what looked to be a decent surfaced trail that runs from Springfield to Boliver:  The Frisco Highline Trail.  We decided to do the 20 miles from Walnut Grove to Boliver, grab lunch, then head back with hopes the break in between would fit with feeding time.The first 16 or so miles she was a perfect passenger alternating between napping and sightseeing and 'talking'.  We stopped as soon as she showed signs of crabbiness.  Turns out I dressed her a little warm and she didn't need the blanket I had swaddled over her legs.  We opened up the Burley and removed the blanket and she was a happy kid again, amusing us and our friends with talking and laughing while we stretched and reorganized.  The next few miles she mostly napped.  I changed and fed her when we got to Boliver, then we ate.  She fussed for a bit when we strapped her back in so we made another pit stop at Wal-mart to make sure everything was OK before heading on.  Pretty sure she just felt the need to fight sleep.  She crashed and stayed asleep until we were about 5 miles from the car.  At that point she woke up and talked to us until we got back.  At the car we changed her diaper and clothes (from excessive drool) and fed her again.  She was a happy baby.  So, another successful mission.  I think what I learned is she can do it, but it will be day to day (minute to minute) if she wants to do it and we just need to be able to accommodate.
Side note on the trail - most of the surface was pretty great with small gravel and the fall leaves made it very pretty.  There were a few rough patches, but nothing unmanageable (even pulling the Burley).  There are a lot of bridges on the section we rode and a few cattle guards, but we went slow and the bumps weren't terrible.  A few miles were paved right before Boliver, but the trail doesn't actually go into Boliver.  We had about 3 miles on outer roads & fairly busy city streets to find something to eat.  For normal riders this would be fine, but I'm still pretty nervous about having the Burley and my baby out on the roads.  We have plans to do it again this spring, but may just take a picnic lunch.  :-)      

Pumpkin Run 5 mile - a Family run

Still just getting back into somewhat consistent running post-baby so when the topic of the Pumpkin Run came up I was hesitant.  I knew I could make it 5 miles (well, pretty sure anyway), but I was concerned about 5 miles pushing a stroller with hills.  So B and I decided we'd do a family run and have the option of taking turns with the stroller...and it was a good thing we did!!  Our little Mira, who generally likes the stroller and/or sleeps decided to throw a bit of a fit about 2 miles in.  We walked for a bit and I picked her up and consoled her.  We put her back in the stroller and took off.  About 3 miles in she was fussy again so we decided to stop and try a diaper change.  It helped for a bit, but then I knew she had decided she was hungry...sigh.  So, about mile 3-1/2 I put my nursing wrap on and proceeded to walk and nurse the little bugger.  It was just what she needed and let me tell you she was hungry!  She nursed while we walked at a decent clip for over a mile, then for a while longer till we got a good burp.  We were able to get her snuggled up in her stroller again and cross the finish line running (at a disturbing 1:08).  Regardless of our time, it was a beautiful day shared with other friends doing something we love.   

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mother Road 5K

Joplin held it's own little marathon for the 2nd year.  The plan was to go out and support some friends, but at the last minute I found out the company I work for sponsored the 5K portion of the event and had a few slots left to fill for FREE.  Seriously, you can't pass up a free run right?  (Ha, even though every day is technically a free run)!  The downer was that no strollers were allowed, but B said he would watch Mira while I ran (and skip running himself) so that was appreciated!!  We left the house with plenty of time to get there, then as we are on the way I realized I forgot my number and chip - oops!  So, we went back to get it and they dropped me off as close as possible to race start about 10 minutes before the gun.  Oh well, who needs that last bathroom break anyway.  I was in the back of the pack and didn't realize how many people were in front of me.  I knew my actual time would be based off my chip anyway so I didn't worry about pushing my way to the front.  Once I hit the line I started running and realized I had made a mistake - it was a serious traffic jam for the first 1/2 mile.  I weaved and hopped and swerved my way to clear territory and finally found my pace by mile 1.  At about mile 2 I began to question if that pace had possibly been a little fast, but I saw a friend up ahead and made my way towards him.  The way back was a slight incline and into the wind.  The friend slowed, but I was able to maintain.  I kept up pace through the finish and was pretty happy with my time...considering.  To put it in perspective this is my first 5K after giving birth 14 weeks ago that I was not pushing a stroller.  Pushing a stroller a couple weeks ago on a hilly course I ran a 30:45.  Not pushing a stroller on a flatter course with lots of traffic my chip time was 25:43 - whoohoo!  There is progress!  Hopefully once I get off the extra 10-12lbs of baby weight I'll be able to shave off a couple more minutes.  (fingers crossed!)

Some interesting tidbits about the race:

1.  I was 2nd in my age group (35-39)
2.  The top 3 women were excluded from age group wins
3.  Two of the top three were in my age group
4.  I was ranked 7th woman overall (clock time)
5.  By chip time I was 6th woman overall
6.  The only women's age group I would not have won (besides my own) based on chip time was 25-29
7.  It was a 25-29 overall winner

I'm not trying to point out that I rock, but that women in my age group ROCK!  Who said it's men that get better with age!  I won't even get into how many men this age group of women beat.  ;-)

Till next time - run on!

Monday, October 3, 2011

First bike ride for baby Mira

We finally decided to take Mira out for her first bike ride.  She was 10 weeks old and had been going on runs since she was 5 weeks old.  The problem was that she was too small for the Burley.  So it was time to improvise.  We were able to strap her car seat into the Burley, but it still had some wobble to it.  A couple of narrow pillows off our sofa placed on each side of the carseat proved to be perfect!  She was snug as a bug in a rug.  She was a little tentative at first, but was happy as a lark once we got going.

Since B is the stronger rider (and just a stud in general - hehe) he took on transporting duties.  I was the overprotective mommy that followed her and monitored traffic from behind.  ;-)

Overall the ride was a huge success.  She enjoyed it and B and I were able to get out and pedal some.  
She's been on one ride since and another ride planned for tonight - hoping it goes just as well.  :-)

Till next time - ride on.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dash to the Bash 5K

I hesitate to say Mira completed her first 5K because technically she has done a few - they were all just inside my belly.  I also hesitate because someday she will run her own first 5K (I hope).  So, I'm going to call this our first mother & daughter team 5K.  Not bad for not quite 12 weeks old.  ;-)
The course had some hills and the mom had some aches, but we still eeked out a 9:55 average pace for a 30:45 finish time.  Not what I had hoped, but not terrible either.
So now what will our next goal be??  That's what us runners do right?  We set goals.  Sometimes it's just to finish, sometimes it's a PR, for now I'm working on post-baby PRs and eventually I'll get back to just PRs.  Our next run is a 5 mile Pumpkin run on October 22 - I think my goal for that one is going to be to have fun!  But, our next 5K is planned for November 19 (as long as it ends up being stroller friendly).  That's the one I want to shoot for a time goal.  My thoughts are getting down to the 28 range, anywhere in the 28 range - like 28:59 is acceptable!  The man thinks I should be shooting for 26 - I think he's on something, but we shall see.  We're adding in those faster runs on Wednesdays, they might help.  But I think I should get a two minute handicap for pushing the stroller - don't they do something like that in golf??
Time will tell.
Till next time - run on!

Trying to hang

Note:  this post is from 9/22/11

Running is coming along.  Officially 11 weeks after the birth of Mira.  I'm able to run about 5 days of the week, usually 3-4 miles each.  My longest run was 6 miles last Saturday.  Not sure what my fastest run has been, I guess it's about time to start wearing a Garmin again and see where I actually am.  I do know I'm quicker when Brooke or Brady pushes the stroller!  ;-)
Last night I decided I would try to tag along with Brady and Robert for their run - which can be fast even when I'm in shape.  I hung with them for a little over a mile then opted to take the stroller and slow into a more comfortable pace for the final 2 miles.  They are planning to do these runs more often.  I'm planning to try to hang with them longer each time until I can run the whole distance WHILE pushing the stroller!  :-)
For now I'm happy to be back out on the roads.  Eventually I'll regain speed and possibly a more consistent running schedule (right now I try to run mornings, but when Mira doesn't cooperate we push it off till noon or even after work).
This weekend will be my first test - a 5K Saturday night.  It will be my first since the one I ran the day I went into labor.  My goal at this point is only to beat that time, especially since I'll be pushing an adorable baby in a rocking stroller.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm back...kind of

I have definitely let the blog much has happened that I need to document, but time has just flown by.
I think I will start with just a short summary of things I would like to capture before they blur in my memory.

The List from oldest to newest:

1.  June 13 - floating Spring River while 35 weeks preggo
2.  June 15 - preggo pics taken
3.  June 18 - baby shower bbq hosted by the greatest friends
4.  July 4 - Boom Run 5K in the AM - went into labor with baby girl in PM
5.  July 5 - Mira Nyx born at 3:30AM!!!!!! via emergency C-section - healthy baby girl 5lbs 9oz 18" long - 2 weeks early
6.  July 17 - 1st bike ride post baby - 12 miles
7.  July 31 - hiking at Roaring river with Mira
8.  Aug 11 - 5 weeks post baby 2 mile run
9.  Aug 26 - Colorado with Mira (first flight) for USA Pro Cycling Challenge Stage 5 & 6
10.  Sept 4 - week total of 20 miles running, including a 5 miler in 5 fingers
11.  Sept 12 - Mira's first bike ride in the Burley trailer
11.  Sept 14 - back to work and missing my little girl  :-(

Stay tuned...

Also, thinking this blog may change up a bit and have more stuff (not just running).  Need to look at how to categorize things- any thoughts on that?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Starry Night 5K at 33 weeks pregnant

Last Monday I had a so, so 3.5 mile run.  Friday morning I had an OK 3.25 mile run, but it still required walking.  Pretty sure both were in 10:30 - 11min/mile pace.
So, Saturday came and I was feeling skeptical about whether I should attempt a 5K that night.  The fact that it was for a good cause won me over and we headed to Joplin.  Decided on a grilled cheese & cranberry limeaide from Sonic as the perfect pre-race dinner.  We got to race start around an hour early and registered then chatted up with friends until start time.  There seemed to be great attendance for a first annual event.  Everyone was stoked about doing a night run.  We were all outfitted with glow in the dark arm bands in either pink, purple, or yellow.  The course was lined with luminaries.  It was still humid, but tolerable by the 8:30pm race start.  After prayer and the National Anthem the 10K racers were started followed shortly by the 5K racers.  I picked a place near the back and fielded more questions on whether I planned to walk or run and how far along I was.  (My answer was "whatever my body feels like doing" & of course "33 weeks" - per the title).  We got going and I realized the hard packed gravel was treating my belly a little more gently than the pavement.  I felt good and proceeded to unintentionally 'pick-off' people.  I grabbed a swig of water at the 1ish mile mark to make sure I stayed hydrated.  As I left that water station I started seeing the top 5K runners on their way back.  I yelled 'good job' to them all & chatted with people I passed to make sure I was staying within my 'able to have a conversation' zone.  I made it to the 1-1/2 mile turn around, then grabbed another swig of water at the 2ish mile mark.  Heading back in was surreal - pitch dark on a tree lined trail with only luminaries on the sides and lots of swinging circles of glowing light (our glow in the dark arm bands) then into the lights of the finish line.  It was a pretty impressive finish line for a 5K, but at night it was even more awesome.  With the music and the announcer and the fans it felt more like finishing a marathon.  My time was 31:30 - the best pace and best run I've had in weeks.  I felt like I could keep going, but was also happy it was over so I could have a bathroom break!  I downed two bottles of water, an orange, and a snocone as we watched the rest of the 5K finishers and the 10K finishers come in (the winner of that race came in right behind me!).  
The highlights of the night were all of the positive words about continuing to run I received (sometimes people outside of the running community don't understand the desire to continue running into pregnancy) and seeing such a great event in Joplin so soon after all the destruction.  This race was the first of a 3 race night time series.  The next race is called A Midsummer Night's 5K & 10K run on July 9 then the Blue Moon 5K & 10K on August 13.  I think even if I have to walk it, I would like to get back out there on July 9 (baby permitting of course).  Time will tell.  :-)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Running at 32 weeks pregnant

Just another quick update.  Still getting out the door occasionally.  (Although yoga has turned into my go to preggo exercise - luckily I have found a couple challenging videos that I like and work for me right now.)

So, running - I did 3.5 miles yesterday and walked about .5 of it.  The running (if you can call it that) was very slow.  The man ran with me and actually had a Garmin on so I know how slow I've gotten.  10:30 was average pace, my body preferred 11's and my legs preferred 10's.  They compromised, but I don't think they will continue to do so for much longer.  I think my legs will have to take pleasure from biking and spinning for a while.  I will say that using a maternity band has helped, heat has not.  Drinking on the run exacerbates the need to pee, but not drinking in this weather is not really an option.  I did have at least 1.5 miles of pleasure during the jaunt and that will keep me getting out there.  The plan is to try again tomorrow morning - we shall see how it goes.  :-)

Another note, as of the last couple weeks my longest tanks are starting to show a little belly.  I guess that's not bad considering they are just normal tanks and not maternity.  So, we found a Reebok tank from Motherhood Maternity this weekend.  I don't love the fabric and it's a little long, but it will help get me through.  I like the separation between the boobs & the belly so that it doesn't look like one big blob - that's nice for a pregnant lady.  We need to not feel like blobs as much as possible!  :-)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Running at 30 weeks preggo

Just a quick update on running - still doing it.
I have had 2 decent runs, & 2 not as great runs this week.  Kind of sinking in that not all days will be good for running and walking is alright too.  Just getting out there is an accomplishment and the fresh air always does me good.
Biggest issues with continuing to run are bladder/pelvic pressure & sore feet.
Downhills are no longer my friend since they put some extra pounding on the bladder.  On days when it's just 'the need to pee' pain I'm doing OK.  On days when there is pressure and pain in the pelvis (think needle poking pain - not excruciating, just irritating) there is walking.
Taking smaller strides helps reduce all my bladder pain.  Heel striking helps with the pressure on my feet.
Slowing down helps with everything.

So, slow and steady and taking it easy when my body says so, I'm going to try to keep up this mental release during my pregnancy.  Only 10 more weeks!  :-)


I really did not see this one coming.  I've talked to the doctor before about my exercise - including biking.  I've cut back on my exercise.  I make sure I can carry on a conversation while exercising.  I stay hydrated.  I take care of myself and therefore my baby.  I am well educated regarding exercise and pregnancy.

So the appointment yesterday...

(Picture doctor standing in front of you with hands on hips and snarky attitude.)

Doctor - I saw you rode your bike to the last appointment.
Me - Yes.
Doc - Exactly how much are you biking?
Me - Commuting 4 miles/day, Monday bike ride of around 10 miles...(luckily I got no further than this or she might have blown a gasket)
Doc - I'm concerned about your center of balance and riding long miles...increasing your chance of falling or pre-term labor..
Husband - What causes pre-term labor?
Doc - Overheating, she needs to take it easy
Husband - She has been taking it easy, she's cut down from her pre-pregnancy mileage by over 50%
Doc - She's not pre-pregnant, she's pregnant (Really??  Hadn't noticed that one...)
Doc - More 'talking at us' about falling and taking it easy and overheating...
Doc - You've only gained .5lbs since your last appointment.
Me - No, I've gained about 3lbs - last time I was here I was wearing boots; this time I'm wearing sandals.
Doc - Overall your weight gain is fine and your measurements are where they should be (like I said...)

There was more I'm sure - that's the gist of it though.  Basically she said biking is unsafe for me now.  Mostly annoyed with her approach.  Going to blame it on her having a bad day, just being cautious, etc...
There are so many sides to this issue though.

Overheating - since it's hotter this could be an issue.  It leads to dehydration so I have been monitoring the color of my urine closely.  But, honestly it's just as big of an issue with running, walking, anything outdoors when it's 90 degrees and she didn't mention any of those.
Falling - there is always a risk of falling when on a bike no matter how careful you are.  But, there is some danger in anything we do or any form of transportation we use.  I am conscious about the fact that I could fall, but I also don't feel that my center of balance is really 'off'.  Maybe it will be, but currently it isn't.  I feel safe on my bike or I wouldn't do it.  
Out of my control factors - other cyclists, animals, and vehicles.  

Normal exercising during pregnancy benefits - more energy, better mood, better sleep, easier labor and even possibly healthier heart for baby.

Other factors:
Safer/as safe as cars?? - more pregnant women die in car accidents than birth complications.  In addition, odds of dying in a car accident are 1/88, while odds of dying in a bicycling accident are 1/4717 per the NSC.  Now, that's not taking into account the fetus.  Evidently states are not required to track fetus deaths when reporting accidents.  They estimate 300 - 1000 per year.  More than 4X the death rate of infants & children up to 4 years. Mostly due to steering wheel and improper use of seat belt.
I should state it seems the big worry with falls off a bike or with an automobile accident is detachment of the placenta from the uterine wall - causing the fetus to lose oxygen.  I read it accounts for 80% of fetal loss in automobile accidents.  

So, what to do, what to do????
Baby comes first.  Cycling seems safer than driving a car.  Slow commuting seems appropriate on an upright bike.  Biking on trails away from traffic seems OK.  Road riding may be out for now.  Tonight is Thursday and I generally ride roads, but it is a hilly course with no shoulders so why take the chance I guess.  Planning to take my trainer and ride in the parking lot while the man bikes then go for an off road run with him.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3rd Trimester 5K

It wasn't on the calendar, but running a 5K seemed like a good way to get me out of bed on a Saturday to run.  I am around 20lbs over my pre-preggo weight and my running has slowed, but I still thought it would be fun to get out and run with a group.  The hardest part was knowing that I couldn't push it.  Knowing that I couldn't chase down that 'rabbit'.  This was going to just be a run and my goal was to finish and make sure I didn't overexert.

It was the Dogwood 5K in Neosho, MO.  A friend told me about it on Friday, otherwise I wouldn't have heard about it at all.  I was expecting the typical 5K turnout for this area (30-50 runners).  Turned out to be around 120 runners in total - that was a happy surprise - the more the merrier!  It's a great idea - $8 to pre-register, and $10 day of race - no t-shirt, just a nice size dogwood to all finishers - awesome!

Race started at 9am and I took off.  We headed south (into a pretty strong wind).  I found my pace pretty quickly, continually telling myself to not go out to fast.  No garmin so it was all by feel.  After about a mile we made a turn east and up a hill.  This is where you found out who hadn't been telling themselves not to go out too fast!  I was able to pick off a few people just by not walking up the first hill.  We made a turn back south for around a block before curving back east and back up hill.  Again, a few more people fell behind.  Then, the turn North, wind at our backs, rolling hills, dogwoods in bloom on a beautiful day.  It felt great.  I passed the 2 mile mark (twice within a block - not sure which one was correct, but it didn't really matter).  Shortly after 2 miles I felt the baby moving and then the dreaded pressure on the bladder.  It hit hard for a minute, then let off, a sigh of relief was felt.  I kept focus on the four people directly ahead of me and just tried to keep my pace steady.  It didn't seem like any time before we were turning west to the final stretch - all downhill.  I sped up some, shook out my arms and bounded down the last hill into the finish corral.  I stopped long enough to have my number ripped off then straight to the bathroom!  My internal goal had been to finish in under 30 minutes and the man informed me that I had so I was happy.  Running for more than 2 miles without a bathroom or walk break at this point in pregnancy is a great run.  Eventually I'll find out my actual time, but regardless it was a great race.

Still thinking about doing a 10K in a couple weeks - we will see if the body likes that idea or not.  :-)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Good news for baby

I've read and read and read about exercise during pregnancy.  Even after making the decision to continue to run and bike while pregnant you still question the decision with each little ache and pain.  I read something in the New York Times today that makes me feel even better about the decision.  So, not only is it good for mommy and make for easier delivery and labor, but it could be beneficial to our babies heart - win, win!  :-)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Preggo running take 2

I was 26 weeks on Wednesday and I'm still running.  It's getting less and less comfortable, but mostly due to the constant need to pee.  I'm definitely not ready to throw in the towel though.  Since it is only pressure on the bladder, I've been trying mind games to keep me from thinking about it so much.  I figure I'm going to have to get pretty dang good at the mind games if I intend to do this whole "natural birth" thing.

When I look back over the past couple weeks I'm really pretty pleased with my performance.  There have been set backs and I haven't always met my self imposed goals.  However, that's the nice thing about this pregnancy thing - my REAL goal is to have a happy, healthy baby.  That means it doesn't matter if I run 4.5 miles or 6 (as happened this morning since I just wasn't feeling it).  Pretty sure one reason I 'wasn't feeling it' was because I rode 22 hilly miles on my road bike last night (and did an hour of spin yesterday morning & commuted to work).  It's always a challenging course, but it's more so when pregnant and having that constant need to breath and stuff.  Not losing your breath on the hills is a challenge, but doable if you have really low gears.  I do, and I use them.  And, I ride smarter than I have before.  I give a kick on the down hill to make sure I have plenty of steam to get me up the next one.  It works.  More legs, less lungs.  

Wednesday I was able to run 6.  Tuesday was spinning.  Monday I felt off and skipped my run, but still did our Monday night chill ride (only 8 miles, slow on trails to encourage beginners).  Sunday was 2 hours of mountain biking - pretty easy single track - preggo friendly.  Saturday was only 4 miles and riding to and from prenatal class.  The week before looked fairly similar. There was also the occasional yoga (twice a week) and daily commuting.  How can I not be happy with that.  :-)

Gotta run

(forgot to hit "Publish Post" so I'm posting this delayed)

Yep, I'm still running.  However, I don't go out with the intention of running 4 miles, or 6 miles.  My intention seems always how to get to the nearest bathroom.  And, my criteria for what constitutes a bathroom is changing..  For instance, the bathroom on the Monday 4 mile run was behind a building in a park.  Generally this wouldn't be acceptable, but when you gotta go it works.  The 6 mile run on Wednesday I only stopped once at the Y - that's pretty impressive for me.  Today, I ran 6 of Brooke's 12 with her.  We had one stop at her house, then one impromptu on the side of the road with her and Greyson standing guard.  Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry I forgot I had tucked my gloves in my shorts so they are now MIA, but it was worth it.
Overall, I can't complain.  I'm 24 weeks and still able to run and this makes me happy.   I have no real idea the pace I've been making Brooke run the past couple weeks, but I know it's not speedy.  It's sure nice to have company though!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still plodding along

My running has still been hit and miss between travel to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and the minor aches, pains, and fatigue of pregnancy.  But, it's still happening and right now I'm going to consider that good.
I'm not going to catch back up completely (b/c to be honest I didn't keep great records), but lets start with last Friday and go from there.  I was able to get in a 4 mile run prior to work.  Saturday we went to Tulsa for the man to race bikes.  He took the time and energy to ride with me for 40 minutes (a couple hours before his race). Between that and walking the dogs on the course to cheer him on I considered Saturday semi-successful (considering we were on the road).  Sunday he raced again.  I only managed to run a couple miles in between his laps (mostly b/c it was colder than anticipated and I hadn't brought the right clothes).  However, in order to get the best views of his race I hiked up and down the side of the dam 3 times and let me tell you it was steep!  So, not as much as I would like, but there was movement.
Monday started off good with a 6.5 mile run with Brooke in the cold.  I have to say, I got a sun burn on Saturday and that made getting up to run in "feels like" 24 degree weather a whole lot harder.  Not to mention it started raining on us prior to the finish.  At least I had good company!  Unfortunately, I also had chaffing.  Not sure if it was the wet or just an ill fitting jog bra, but I must remedy the situation.  Once you get some it's very hard to keep it at bay with something continually rubbing it.  Argh.
Today was back to spin class.  Hoping tomorrow leads to another run, and Thursday another spin class.  Friday we head to Port Aransas for a pre-baby getaway.  We've rented a tandem to cruise around town and if that's the only exercise I get I will be happy, but a run on the beach might be nice as well.  We'll just have to see.  :-)

Till next time - run on!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Crash and (road) burn

My only real fear of biking while pregnant is falling...

It happened, but it wasn't that bad.  Wondering if my fear of falling didn't contribute to the fall though?
I bike to and from work every day and quite a few times in between.  Biking is kind of like walking.  At least the commuting is.  I ride on a straight bar commuter bike with platforms.  Simple hop on and go.

Riding home from work with the man on Friday afternoon, weather was nice, we were chatting it up...we got to the road where we turn right to put out bikes in the shed and I started to make the turn and the man didn't.  I turned into him enough to get our handlebars tangled.  The next few sequences play in slow motion in my head.  I was already off center and going down.  The handlebars became 'untangled'.  My front wheel turned right and I dropped to the left.  Looking back I think there would have been time to put a foot down - I mean, I wasn't clipped in.  My only thought was "don't hurt the baby".  I landed on my side, specifically my elbow, hip, and a scrap to the hand.  Luckily I had on long sleeves or this might have been hairier:
 Pretty sure the other hand was wrapped around the belly during the fall.  Now that I have had time to think about it, I wonder if my thoughts were "don't fall" rather than "don't hurt the baby" the outcome would have been different?  Not to mention how unlikely falling off my bike onto my belly would be.  Besides the little one is surrounded in a cushion of fluid to protect from things like this.  I did have to do a little self check to make sure I could still hear the fetal heartbeat (and it was still going strong).  Also, pretty sure I'm feeling some movement the last week or so and it has continued.  If there is anything wrong with the beano, I'm fairly certain it wasn't due to this fall.  Now, to move on to how I can be more reasonable in my thought process so that this doesn't happen again...
However, not sure "reasonable" and "thought process" go well together during pregnancy.

Till next time, keep on riding (upright preferably)...

Low mileage and new shoes

Running miles were slim last week - only a 4 mile run on Monday and a 3 mile run on Friday.  :-(

The excuse:
It all started with a 10 mile run a week ago Saturday.  I followed that up with a Sunday bike ride of close to 5 hours seat time.  Not hard miles, just a lot of time out.  Monday morning up early for a 4 mile run, and yoga in the evening.  Tuesday morning up even earlier for spin class.  By Wednesday my pregnant body decided sleeping in was the way to go.  It even talked me into taking a much needed afternoon off.  It helped a bunch and Thursday I was back at it with early morning spin.  Friday I was a little tired so I didn't push it, just ran an easy 3.  Saturday we had a nice group ride - close to 4 hours - I got a lovely burn between my jersey sleeve and where I pulled my arm warmers down - in February I'll take it!
Sunday was my first road bike race of any sorts at the Frost Bike 20 mile time trial.  I'll be posting more about it later, but it was a 20 mile ride and I was already a bit fatigued from Saturday so it equaled no run this weekend.

The Plan:
So, the goal this week is at least 3 runs.  Biking is only planned for Saturday so I should have Sunday for a long(ish) run.  Plans to run tonight before the Road Runner's meeting (that just makes sense right??).  Spin will be Tuesday and Thursday so another run on Wednesday.  Hope to throw in some yoga and weights plus the 2.5 hours a week I spend commuting to work via bike and call it good.

The shoes:
I have noticed my shoes are a little worn.  I have been running in an old pair of Asic Kayanos and they really have seen better days.  I knew I needed new shoes, and had planned on buying some more Pearl Izumi Streaks then the positive for pregnancy came.  Just not sure those light weight, race ready shoes will get me through pregnancy.  Finally decided that another pair of Asics were the way to go.  Went to The Run Around and tried on the Kayano 17s and the Nimbus 12s.  Found the Nimbus felt the best right now.  So, I'll be rocking these cuties for the next few months:
I'll keep you posted on whether they have the support to carry me through the next 20 or so pounds.

Till next time - keep running!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feels like spring

The weather has sure changed.  We've gone from wearing ski gear and riding mountain bikes to no coat and back on regular commuters within 2 weeks.  Today was the day that I stood, holding my bike with one hand and the door to work with the other and I really had to force myself to open it.  My mind was running away with the idea of getting back on the bike and going.  So many flashes of beautiful wide open spaces within those few seconds until discipline got the better of me and I went inside.  Boo, sometimes I get aggravated with my responsible grown-up self!  :-P

Regardless, at least I'm able to get on the bike on days like this - even if just for my commute.

I've decided I want to start adding some more cycling pics to this blog - here is my first attempt at a "panda portrait" not on the back of a tandem (which could be considered a cheat).  ;-)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Belly runs

Last week roads were still a little sketchy so we skipped the long Saturday bike ride.  It meant I got to put in 10 running miles with my friend Brooke who was going 19 on her last build before Little Rock Marathon!  It was definitely the best run I've had in a while.  10 miles with only one bathroom break!!  Whoohoo!
We had to utilize main roads since there was still some slush and ice on side roads, but at least we were able to get out and enjoy the above freezing weather.  It was a good day all around with quite a few big wavers.  And we all know the number of wavers is directly proportional to the kind of run you have right??  ;-)

I was wondering on my way home, I'm right at 18 weeks and just starting to people see me and think pregnant girl??  Or, do they see me right now and think I should probably be putting in a few more runs?  Hehe!

I do know there are times when I notice my little belly more.  Last night while doing yoga I realized sitting poses seem to accentuate the bulge.  Then, today in spin class I just happened to glance at myself in the mirror on the way out and noticed that tank tops really don't hide much.  Gone (for now) are the days of flat bellies, but it sure is fun thinking of what all is going on in there.  :-)

Till next time - run on...
Running for two!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Road biking withdrawals

I can't remember when we've had snow in this area for such an extended amount of time.  Generally snow comes one day and is gone the next.  This last bit of snow came on January 25 and hasn't gone.  Temps have been cold and we've received more on top of the initial 19".  Last Saturday road biking was cancelled.  Commuting to work has continued, but on a mountain bike decked out in ski clothes and goggles.  It's a fun commute, but not a quick or dainty ride on the snow, ice, slush covered streets.  It's more like an Adventure Race - slipping, sliding, dodging obstacles (in this case it's vehicles, parked and moving).  I can deal with the commute, but I really want to get out and stretch my legs on a nice long road ride.  The trainer rides help, as does spinning class, but it's not the same.  This coupled with the fact that I know my pregnant body's time on a road bike frame is short lived is making me anxious to get back on.  Here's hoping for clear road and clear skies for the weekend.  If not we'll again dig out cross or mountain bikes and hit the road, but it won't be the same.

Till next time, ride on.

Gotta run

17 weeks along and running is still good with the exception of one thing - bathroom breaks.  They aren't consistent, but some runs lately have been a duathlon that consists of running, bathroom, running, bathroom, etc. I've read all about the blood flow causing more urine through your bladder, hormones, etc., but I don't get why some days it's worse than others.
This morning while eeking out a 4 miler at the Y with Brooke I felt like I needed to go the whole time.  I went right before starting and then again after a mile and wanted to stop for the next 3, but forced myself to persevere.    It makes me wonder how I will ever make it through running into the third trimester at this rate.  Guess I'll just take it day to day.
Running at the Y might have more benefits than being able to run with my friend who is faster than my preggo self - easy access to facilities.  Although part of me wonders if the fact that I know I have access to go makes me need to go more.
In the big picture I know this is minor and my running will continue and that makes life good.  :-)

Till next time, run on!

Monday, February 7, 2011


I bought a pair of yaktrax a few weeks ago - just in case.  I've been using them for my bike to work so if I do have to put a foot down it doesn't slip out from under me and they have been great for that.  Even just walking around on the snow and ice has been really good.  I'm not the most graceful so any stability I can get is helpful.
I tried them out on my first real road run in the snow on Saturday.  When I left the house it was still below freezing and roads were snow packed and frozen.  Perfect for the yaktrax.  I was hesitant at first, but eventually got into the swing of it and was able to run at very close to my normal pace.
I got to the Y and had planned on running a few treadmill miles with a friend who had 16 miles to do.  As is normal, all treadmills were taken so I just chatted and hung out for a bit till one became free.  I hoped on and between bathroom breaks (hormonal bladder) I was able to get in 6 slow miles before I decided it was time to head home.  The sun had come out in the time I was at the Y, as well as the cars, and roads were turning slushy.  It made the trip home a little worse.  Yaktrax can't solve slushy and uneven terrain.  Just tried to stay on less traveled roads and I made it home just fine.  Bottom line - yaktrax rock.

Till next time - run on (in the snow).  :-)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Biking to work in 19" of snow

Having 19" of snow is unusual for this area.  We have snow, but generally not more than 6" or so.  The decision to (at least try to) continue to bike has been an interesting one.  The precipitation began on Monday night with sleet and ice then quickly turned to snow.  By the time we got up and around we had around 4-5".  We scrapped the driveway and sidewalk then got mountain bikes out of the shed and headed to work.  Biking in the snow, while it was still snowing on streets vacant of cars (most businesses and schools closed based on the predictions of more) was calming and exhilarating.  We got to work without issue.  By 10am we had closer to 12" of snow and they decided to shut down the offices.  We waited till around 10:30am to give the cars a chance to leave then headed out.  It had become terrible.  The addition of more unpacked snow, combined with sporadic car paths led to a seriously thick slush that was close to unconquerable.  We basically ended up doing a walk/ride for the mile ride.  Got yelled at a couple times to get off the road by some seriously classy people, but we finally made it home.
Wednesday we had basically all the snow we were going to get (topping out at around 19") and main roads had been scrapped.  Still a thick layer of snow, but it was compacted and easy to ride.  The commute was back to being fun!  We worked most of the day then headed home and had basically the same commute home.  No issues, very few cars due to everything being shut down.
Today, (Thursday) I decided to ride to spin class (which starts at 5:15am).  I left the house when it was 0 degrees (warmer than the day before).  The ride wasn't bad at all.  Snow was still packed and frozen.  There were a few slick spots, but I was able to make it there and back without putting a foot down (pretty big accomplishment for me).  I went home, showered and headed to work.  In that short time, and with the addition of more cars, the roads had already begun to turn slushy.  Not terrible, but worse.  By lunch intersections were a slushy, crappy mess of intersecting paths.  I opted to hop off and jog my bike through a few of them for speed and safety.  I made it home and back just fine - no major issues.  Given the melting and additional vehicular paths I'm curious to see what awaits me for my evening commute.  I'll have to post back later...

Till next time - keep riding!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow commute

Well, I was commuting in my daily wear, wool coat, etc., etc., but after a sheet of ice and 16" of snow with temps in the single digits and wind chill in the double negatives (-13 degrees F today when we left) I've had to rethink.  My daily wear changed to under armor insulated tights and a pair of insulated Columbia hiking pants on bottom.  The top includes a tank, long sleeve tech t, & long sleeve fleece lined top.  On top of all that I threw on ski pants, a waterproof Marmot jacket, insulated boots, and Yaktrax.  Yesterday I had a gaiter for my neck, safety glasses, and a stocking hat.  Today I upped the ante and went with those things plus a Buff to securely cover my nose and mouth and added in ski goggles to keep from fogging up so bad.  Seemed to work - I was much warmer today, but that could also have something to do with the fact the wind wasn't blowing 40mph today and spitting snow in my face??
Some pics the man rode ahead and took yesterday on the way into work
(this was when we only had about 4-5" of snow - it continued throughout the day and stopped at around 16-17"):


The eyebrows were much better today thanks to the goggles!  Also, some roads were plowed today.  Yesterday was like riding in terrible mud.  Good practice I guess!  Reminds me how much I love my mountain bike if nothing else.
Till next time - ride on.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Two weeks in a Row

Pretty happy with the pregnant body lately.  First, the nausea seems to have subsided.  Second, it managed to get me through a 67 mile bike ride (avg. 15 mph) on Saturday and an 8 mile run on Sunday (two weeks in a row - whoohoo) and still feel good when I got finished.  It's truly amazing what the body can do.  It's a whole new world exercising when pregnant.  You pay way more attention to your body.  I do way better at fueling and hydrating.  I listen to my breathing and make sure it's never labored.  Every twitch or ache is evaluated before moving on.  I thought it would be bothersome, but it's refreshing in it's own way.  It's teaching me to use my power more than my lungs.  It gives a whole new appreciation for what my body already does and now it's doing all that while it's busy making a new little life.

I seem to be gaining and expanding on schedule.  There is a definite baby bump in place as well as around 6-7 extra pounds.  They say you hit the 2nd trimester and things turn around and you have renewed energy and I think they are right.  It wasn't spot on 13 weeks, but at almost 16 weeks it's feeling pretty good.  Let's hope it lasts.

As for tonight - looks like I'm going to go do a 4 miler with Brooke.  With the winter storm warning we have it might be the last time we leave the house for a day or two, so better enjoy!

Till next time, run on!

Monday, January 24, 2011

8 miler

I got to looking at my training log.  Basically I ran the Mother Road Marathon 10-10-10 then I took a couple weeks off.  Got back to running low mileage, found out I was pregnant, then went and hiked the Grand Canyon.  Since we've been back from there runs have been either 4 or 6 miles and mostly on the 4 mile side.  I had one 7 miler in November, an 8 miler on December 31, and finally another 8 miler yesterday.

My goal has been to not push myself too hard.  With long rides on Saturdays it has just felt like too much to do much of a run on Sundays, but I think a lot of that had to do with my sinus infection.  I'm back to feeling better and I got up feeling like I wanted to run this Sunday.  It was nice.  I had my friend Brooke with me for 4 miles so they went quick.  The other 4 consisted of 2 to her house and 2 home so alone time was broken up.  It definitely was not the quickest pace, but that's really not the point right now.  :-)

It's good to feel like running again.  I hope this continues.

I've been more aggressive about yoga lately too.  I've been doing it 4-5 nights a week.  It really helps with stretching, flexibility, relaxation, and sleep.  Ultimately helping with my running and desire to run possibly??  :-)

Till next time - run on!

Cycling Apparel

For cold weather commuting my apparel basically consists of what I am wearing to work for the day, my wool coat, my helmet (sometimes a band for ear cover), scarf, pant leg strap, safety glasses, and gloves.  When your commute isn't too far this all works.  If I was going further I might grab a buff to pull up around my face and throw on an extra pair of socks or shoe covers.

I've already talked in prior posts about the basic cold weather cycling gear, but there are some things I have found this season that have been beneficial.  I'd like to chat about them here...

I think I seem like a Columbia groupie (this is not the case), but they really do have some decent quality stuff.  I honestly thought they only made fishing shirts until we took a trip to Portland last year.  Anyway, I really dig this shirt for cold weather rides and really cold weather runs:
It comes equipped with a handy dandy pocket for my iPhone, ID, and some cash.  It's fleece lined and breathable.  I can't wear it running for anything above freezing, but for anything below it's fantastic.  For rides I will pair it with this shirt:

It is breathable and form fitting (also from Columbia).  It has thumb holes so your shirt stays in place while adding additional layers!  On top I add this little jacket from Pearl Izumi:
It's their W's Elite Barrier Convertible Jacket.  It's thinner than I anticipated when I ordered, but it's a great wind block and keeps me warmer than expected.  I have worn it for rides and runs.  The arms and upper back zip off for a vest when you heat up.  Or, you can do a partial unzip to just get a slight breeze.  For a 30 degree run I wore this jacket with a short sleeve tech t-shirt and was plenty warm.
On bottom I wear insulated tights for runs and rides.  On rides I just add the padded shorts on top.  I have also added these PI thermal leg warmers:
Prior I was just wearing knee warmers.  For really cold days these are great over thermal tights.  When it's a little warmer (40's) I can get away with regular tights and these.  I have also worn these with my shorts and ridden the 2 miles to spinning class.  It worked for that distance, but probably not much further in below freezing temps.

When you look at the cost of all these things (I did get most on sale), it seems crazy.  I generally only wear the really cold weather stuff a couple times a week so I only have a couple options.  Other than that I wash clothes a lot.  Between 2 of us our Saturday long rides equal at least 1 large load of laundry!  :-O

I'm just glad my real clothes still fit and that I'm not stuck buying cold weather maternity biking gear!  ;-)
By the time I'm really showing the temps should be tolerable for riding in about anything - possibly moo-moo's.  Eeek!

Till next time - ride on and stay warm!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Saturday Long Rides Continue

We rode January 1, 8, & 15.  Each ride has been pretty chilly.  The 1st and 8th were hands down the worst though.  Never got above 30 degrees and winds were 10-15 mph.  We smartly rode into the wind to begin with and were able to relax and chill with a tail wind on the way home.  Rides have gone from 40, to 42, to 45 miles last week when the weather was in the mid-30's for the duration of the ride - sweet!!  The man and I have been riding to and from the start location (another 5 miles each way) so we're definitely getting some seat time.  Last weekend the group pace increased quite a bit.  There were two main reasons - nicer weather, and bigger (stronger) group.  It will continue to gain momentum until I am unable to hang with the lead pack and will be relegated to the mid-pack ride.  Any other season I think I would be plotting how to get stronger and work on hanging with the lead group as long as possible, but there is something different this season.  It's called pregnancy.  So, not only will I be chatting about biking from a female perspective - I will also be chatting about biking from a pregnant perspective!  Pretty sure it's going to be a different experience!  :-)

Not sure what this Saturday will bring.  We've had snow this week.  Main roads are clear, but side roads are sketchy.  I'm guessing there will be some preliminary work done tonight to make the final call.  I'm hoping for a road ride, but I'm sure we'll take cross bikes out on the gravel if roads aren't clear and that will be fun as well.  

Till next time - ride on and stay warm!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Of Dogs & Babies

First things first, this blog is going to be changing.  There is big news in our house.  We are expecting!  July 19 to be exact.  As of today we are 13 weeks and 5 days along.  We have had a couple of ultrasounds and been to the doctor to hear the heartbeat a few times.  We are even able to use our own (borrowed) fetal monitor and hear the heartbeat at home!  Pretty exciting in itself.
Running will continue (as long as the doctor says I can), but races are on hold.  Not to say I won't compete in a 5K here or there, but time will not be a consideration.  Maintaining conversation pace is the new speed work.  Some days this is tricker than others!  (not because I push it, just because I get winded more easily these days).  ;-)

So, like I said still running.  Also, still biking.  We had a 56 mile ride on Saturday and it left me a bit fatigued for my Sunday run.  Definitely not going to push it so I opted for a 4 miler - just enough to get the juices flowing.  Once I got going I felt pretty great.  The weather was nice (low 40s) with the sun out.  I was able to run 9 - 9:15min/mile pace on the flats and deliberately slowed down on hills and never got winded.  For me this was a good pregnancy run.  On this run there is one terrible hill, it's a short one, but a steep one.  It swipes my breath on the run and the bike.  I had made a decision up front that I would not push it, that I would just walk it.  I got to the bottom of the hill and had slowed down getting ready to take the first walk step when here comes a German Shepherd charging and barking.  My speed increased and I panicked as he chased me to the other side of the road.  I did get my wits and stop, face him and yell for him to get back.  He did a bit, but was not going to back down.  I finally managed to get past.  I know if he would have meant to hurt me he could have, so I assume he was protecting his home and once I was past that he was fine.  It still didn't calm me down.  I walked down the hill to get my breath, but of course my emotions got the better of me (hormones) and I had a little cry which didn't help.  Finally I was able to breath normally and continue my run home.  By the time I got there I was a little angry and frustrated and had to vent to the man friend.  He suggested I call animal control.  I think I should turn in the owners.  His argument was animal control picks up the dog and then the owners have to pay to get it out so it hits them.  I worry people that won't even make the effort to keep their dog out of the road (where it could get hit) won't make the effort to pick it up.  Maybe I'm too soft, maybe I should have called.  Opinions??
In the future I think pepper spray is needed.  Just no sense taking chances even when running the city streets of a small town!

Till next time - run on and run safe!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Cold, cold, biking

The man friend is an avid cyclist and has plans to keep us biking throughout the frigid cold of winter - and not just on the trainers.  He's started Saturday morning bike rides.  The plan is to start at 10am and ride anywhere from around 1-4 hours depending on who shows, weather, etc.  He sent out an invite to do a test ride in the cold temps the Sunday before last and we were the only crazies to show.  We made it 1-1/2 hours in around 30 degree weather.  Everything was fine except my hands and feet.  The feet had 2 pair of wool socks, shoes, and PI barrier shoe covers.  When we finished my feet were cold and wet.  :-(
So, 2nd go around was this Saturday.  It was colder, but we had other crazies to join us - 4 others to be exact - awesome!  We left the house at 9:30am in order to ride to the start point.  It was 20 degrees, felt like 15 when we left the house with winds out of the NW.  I changed up my gear on the feet.  Wicking socks, wool socks, then Gore waterproof booties, followed by shoes, and PI barrier shoe covers.  It was still cold and I had to continue to move my toes around to keep feeling, but I survived 3-1/2 hours in those temps.  My fingers were still fairly numb so I made the decision to order the PI barrier lobster gloves.  I have the regular ones and I love them in cold temps, but freezing temps are pushing it.  I ordered a men's small so that I can hopefully wear a liner under them.  I'll post on how that works out.  In defense of all the gear I have I should mention that I have extremely poor circulation in my fingers and toes so if it will keep me warm it should keep anyone warm.

My core stayed toasty.  I wore some inSport insulated running tights, my wool socks were of the knee variety, knee warmers, my Exte Ondo Ribbon bib shorts on the bottom.  The top was a bra top, tank, long sleeve Columbia techy shirt, arm warmers, and a long sleeve fleece lined Columbia shirt.  I also had a Columbia Omni-Heat neck gaiter and a Buff to wear up over my ears and face to protect from the wind.

So, this Saturday I'm hoping to be more prepared.  By spring I will have mastered cold weather biking (and forget all I learned by next winter - guaranteed).  ;-)

Keep riding, keep warm!

Erick's Run 2011

Yesterday was the 20th annual Erick's Run in Carthage, MO.  Weather was (in my opinion) great for running - think it was around 35 and sunny with only about a 10 mph wind from the south.  There were around 30-40 people that showed up.  After a long ride in the extreme cold the day before and a persistent cough on my end, the man friend and I decided on an easy run.  Given that, I'm not even sure of our finishing time at this point.  We ran an 8-1/2 minute 1st mile, 9 minute 2nd mile and ? 3rd mile.  We had errands to run and didn't stick around for awards for a change (not that we would have received any, but we could have found out our time).  Maybe it will be posted in a few days.  Regardless, it was fun to just head out and run one and not push myself or worry about time.  The highlight of the run was the Higgins family coming out in full force to cheer on the CRC!  :-)

So, I consider the new year started off right - 3-1/2 hour bike ride on the 1st, 5K on the 2nd.  I'm thinking about taking today off, but who knows.  Maybe I'll get some energy and go for run #2 this afternoon.

On the agenda later today is to come up with my 2011 goals!

Till next time.
Run on.