Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feels like spring

The weather has sure changed.  We've gone from wearing ski gear and riding mountain bikes to no coat and back on regular commuters within 2 weeks.  Today was the day that I stood, holding my bike with one hand and the door to work with the other and I really had to force myself to open it.  My mind was running away with the idea of getting back on the bike and going.  So many flashes of beautiful wide open spaces within those few seconds until discipline got the better of me and I went inside.  Boo, sometimes I get aggravated with my responsible grown-up self!  :-P

Regardless, at least I'm able to get on the bike on days like this - even if just for my commute.

I've decided I want to start adding some more cycling pics to this blog - here is my first attempt at a "panda portrait" not on the back of a tandem (which could be considered a cheat).  ;-)

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