Monday, August 17, 2009

Been a long time...

Been a long time, been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lone-ly time - yes it has. Ok, not lonely - just distracted I guess. Runs have been runs, biking is biking - I haven't had too much new in the way of training - just plugging along - trying to fit it all in like everyone else.

Work made it more difficult to do this last week because of working 3 - 11pm with a new project implementation. Initially I thought this would make things better, but when you work till 11pm, get home at 11:30pm - by the time you relax and settle down to sleep it's 12:30 - 1 O'clock on the AM side. Not conducive to getting up early to run before the heat takes over. I ran at 9:30 on Tuesday to the Y (2 miles), then lifted weights for about an hour then ran back. Going there it was getting sticky - coming home it was overwhelming - too hot, too hot, too hot. I was so thirsty when I got home - I could not get enough water!! Next up I decided I would try running early and then taking a nap - the run early happened and no real surprise the nap didn't - I was dragging by around 8pm that night. Then there was the change back to days between the Thursday night and Friday shifts. I ended up getting to take off a little early (9:30pm), but wasn't able to sleep until around 11pm then had to turn around and be at work at 6:30am. I was fine for the first few hours, but after meeting up with friends for lunch I was pretty much done! Luckily Lou covered for me at 3pm and I was able to find what little bit of energy I had left and Brady and I went to Joplin to do a little shopping. After finding some board shorts for me and some shoes for Brady we headed back home, played with the dogs, and loaded the car before heading to Lake of the Ozarks to meet up with friends for the weekend.

At the lake I had other running issues - hills, hills and more hills. I've been having some ankle issues & I didn't want to push it too much so I just swam while we were there - it was relaxing and refreshing. I think I needed the break - it made the run this morning feel a bit better. Still need new shoes to help with the ankle - need to do that this week!!

As is the norm, I headed out this morning to meet Brooke at our 1 mile half way point where we start our run together. On my way there today I took a different road - one with a little less light. I was plugging along when I see car lights coming from behind me - I scoot over to one side to give them plenty of room. As they pass I glance back behind me and within a few feet is another runner getting ready to pass me - I swear he came from out of no where and didn't make a sound. I said 'Hi' as he passed and he didn't say a word - not sure what that was all about. I didn't see any tell tale signs of an ipod - no headphone wires, nothing strapped around his arms. Maybe it was just too quiet for him to hear me?? ;-)
After seeing him and getting spooked I decided to head over a block to my normal running road. As I turn onto it I see a lady running with her dog a few blocks ahead - illuminated by a street light. I continue to run and proceed to get lost in my thoughts and feel like I am all alone for a bit, then a few blocks ahead I spot her and her dog again in another street light. It continues like this - in and out, in and out - I feel alone in the dark, then realize I'm not each time I spot them again under the light flowing onto the dark pavement. This goes on until I make the next turn in my route. The turn where all I do is run until I see the blue glow of the iPhone - that's how I know it's Brooke and all is well. We were both a little tired, but we had a good run and I hope we'll be able to meet up for a couple more this week - they go by so much faster when you have a pal to chat with! :-)