Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dash to the Bash 5K

I hesitate to say Mira completed her first 5K because technically she has done a few - they were all just inside my belly.  I also hesitate because someday she will run her own first 5K (I hope).  So, I'm going to call this our first mother & daughter team 5K.  Not bad for not quite 12 weeks old.  ;-)
The course had some hills and the mom had some aches, but we still eeked out a 9:55 average pace for a 30:45 finish time.  Not what I had hoped, but not terrible either.
So now what will our next goal be??  That's what us runners do right?  We set goals.  Sometimes it's just to finish, sometimes it's a PR, for now I'm working on post-baby PRs and eventually I'll get back to just PRs.  Our next run is a 5 mile Pumpkin run on October 22 - I think my goal for that one is going to be to have fun!  But, our next 5K is planned for November 19 (as long as it ends up being stroller friendly).  That's the one I want to shoot for a time goal.  My thoughts are getting down to the 28 range, anywhere in the 28 range - like 28:59 is acceptable!  The man thinks I should be shooting for 26 - I think he's on something, but we shall see.  We're adding in those faster runs on Wednesdays, they might help.  But I think I should get a two minute handicap for pushing the stroller - don't they do something like that in golf??
Time will tell.
Till next time - run on!

Trying to hang

Note:  this post is from 9/22/11

Running is coming along.  Officially 11 weeks after the birth of Mira.  I'm able to run about 5 days of the week, usually 3-4 miles each.  My longest run was 6 miles last Saturday.  Not sure what my fastest run has been, I guess it's about time to start wearing a Garmin again and see where I actually am.  I do know I'm quicker when Brooke or Brady pushes the stroller!  ;-)
Last night I decided I would try to tag along with Brady and Robert for their run - which can be fast even when I'm in shape.  I hung with them for a little over a mile then opted to take the stroller and slow into a more comfortable pace for the final 2 miles.  They are planning to do these runs more often.  I'm planning to try to hang with them longer each time until I can run the whole distance WHILE pushing the stroller!  :-)
For now I'm happy to be back out on the roads.  Eventually I'll regain speed and possibly a more consistent running schedule (right now I try to run mornings, but when Mira doesn't cooperate we push it off till noon or even after work).
This weekend will be my first test - a 5K Saturday night.  It will be my first since the one I ran the day I went into labor.  My goal at this point is only to beat that time, especially since I'll be pushing an adorable baby in a rocking stroller.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm back...kind of

I have definitely let the blog go...so much has happened that I need to document, but time has just flown by.
I think I will start with just a short summary of things I would like to capture before they blur in my memory.

The List from oldest to newest:

1.  June 13 - floating Spring River while 35 weeks preggo
2.  June 15 - preggo pics taken
3.  June 18 - baby shower bbq hosted by the greatest friends
4.  July 4 - Boom Run 5K in the AM - went into labor with baby girl in PM
5.  July 5 - Mira Nyx born at 3:30AM!!!!!! via emergency C-section - healthy baby girl 5lbs 9oz 18" long - 2 weeks early
6.  July 17 - 1st bike ride post baby - 12 miles
7.  July 31 - hiking at Roaring river with Mira
8.  Aug 11 - 5 weeks post baby 2 mile run
9.  Aug 26 - Colorado with Mira (first flight) for USA Pro Cycling Challenge Stage 5 & 6
10.  Sept 4 - week total of 20 miles running, including a 5 miler in 5 fingers
11.  Sept 12 - Mira's first bike ride in the Burley trailer
11.  Sept 14 - back to work and missing my little girl  :-(

Stay tuned...

Also, thinking this blog may change up a bit and have more stuff (not just running).  Need to look at how to categorize things- any thoughts on that?