Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dash to the Bash 5K

I hesitate to say Mira completed her first 5K because technically she has done a few - they were all just inside my belly.  I also hesitate because someday she will run her own first 5K (I hope).  So, I'm going to call this our first mother & daughter team 5K.  Not bad for not quite 12 weeks old.  ;-)
The course had some hills and the mom had some aches, but we still eeked out a 9:55 average pace for a 30:45 finish time.  Not what I had hoped, but not terrible either.
So now what will our next goal be??  That's what us runners do right?  We set goals.  Sometimes it's just to finish, sometimes it's a PR, for now I'm working on post-baby PRs and eventually I'll get back to just PRs.  Our next run is a 5 mile Pumpkin run on October 22 - I think my goal for that one is going to be to have fun!  But, our next 5K is planned for November 19 (as long as it ends up being stroller friendly).  That's the one I want to shoot for a time goal.  My thoughts are getting down to the 28 range, anywhere in the 28 range - like 28:59 is acceptable!  The man thinks I should be shooting for 26 - I think he's on something, but we shall see.  We're adding in those faster runs on Wednesdays, they might help.  But I think I should get a two minute handicap for pushing the stroller - don't they do something like that in golf??
Time will tell.
Till next time - run on!

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  1. stroller = 1 min. per mile handicap :P

    Go friend....you are doing awesome!!!