Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm back...kind of

I have definitely let the blog much has happened that I need to document, but time has just flown by.
I think I will start with just a short summary of things I would like to capture before they blur in my memory.

The List from oldest to newest:

1.  June 13 - floating Spring River while 35 weeks preggo
2.  June 15 - preggo pics taken
3.  June 18 - baby shower bbq hosted by the greatest friends
4.  July 4 - Boom Run 5K in the AM - went into labor with baby girl in PM
5.  July 5 - Mira Nyx born at 3:30AM!!!!!! via emergency C-section - healthy baby girl 5lbs 9oz 18" long - 2 weeks early
6.  July 17 - 1st bike ride post baby - 12 miles
7.  July 31 - hiking at Roaring river with Mira
8.  Aug 11 - 5 weeks post baby 2 mile run
9.  Aug 26 - Colorado with Mira (first flight) for USA Pro Cycling Challenge Stage 5 & 6
10.  Sept 4 - week total of 20 miles running, including a 5 miler in 5 fingers
11.  Sept 12 - Mira's first bike ride in the Burley trailer
11.  Sept 14 - back to work and missing my little girl  :-(

Stay tuned...

Also, thinking this blog may change up a bit and have more stuff (not just running).  Need to look at how to categorize things- any thoughts on that?

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