Monday, November 14, 2011

Rails to Trails with Baby

We perfected using the Burley with a carseat during our chill Monday Night rides, but doing a long ride still seemed a stretch for a 4 month old.  Last weekend we decided to take a chance and see how it would go.  We found what looked to be a decent surfaced trail that runs from Springfield to Boliver:  The Frisco Highline Trail.  We decided to do the 20 miles from Walnut Grove to Boliver, grab lunch, then head back with hopes the break in between would fit with feeding time.The first 16 or so miles she was a perfect passenger alternating between napping and sightseeing and 'talking'.  We stopped as soon as she showed signs of crabbiness.  Turns out I dressed her a little warm and she didn't need the blanket I had swaddled over her legs.  We opened up the Burley and removed the blanket and she was a happy kid again, amusing us and our friends with talking and laughing while we stretched and reorganized.  The next few miles she mostly napped.  I changed and fed her when we got to Boliver, then we ate.  She fussed for a bit when we strapped her back in so we made another pit stop at Wal-mart to make sure everything was OK before heading on.  Pretty sure she just felt the need to fight sleep.  She crashed and stayed asleep until we were about 5 miles from the car.  At that point she woke up and talked to us until we got back.  At the car we changed her diaper and clothes (from excessive drool) and fed her again.  She was a happy baby.  So, another successful mission.  I think what I learned is she can do it, but it will be day to day (minute to minute) if she wants to do it and we just need to be able to accommodate.
Side note on the trail - most of the surface was pretty great with small gravel and the fall leaves made it very pretty.  There were a few rough patches, but nothing unmanageable (even pulling the Burley).  There are a lot of bridges on the section we rode and a few cattle guards, but we went slow and the bumps weren't terrible.  A few miles were paved right before Boliver, but the trail doesn't actually go into Boliver.  We had about 3 miles on outer roads & fairly busy city streets to find something to eat.  For normal riders this would be fine, but I'm still pretty nervous about having the Burley and my baby out on the roads.  We have plans to do it again this spring, but may just take a picnic lunch.  :-)      

Pumpkin Run 5 mile - a Family run

Still just getting back into somewhat consistent running post-baby so when the topic of the Pumpkin Run came up I was hesitant.  I knew I could make it 5 miles (well, pretty sure anyway), but I was concerned about 5 miles pushing a stroller with hills.  So B and I decided we'd do a family run and have the option of taking turns with the stroller...and it was a good thing we did!!  Our little Mira, who generally likes the stroller and/or sleeps decided to throw a bit of a fit about 2 miles in.  We walked for a bit and I picked her up and consoled her.  We put her back in the stroller and took off.  About 3 miles in she was fussy again so we decided to stop and try a diaper change.  It helped for a bit, but then I knew she had decided she was hungry...sigh.  So, about mile 3-1/2 I put my nursing wrap on and proceeded to walk and nurse the little bugger.  It was just what she needed and let me tell you she was hungry!  She nursed while we walked at a decent clip for over a mile, then for a while longer till we got a good burp.  We were able to get her snuggled up in her stroller again and cross the finish line running (at a disturbing 1:08).  Regardless of our time, it was a beautiful day shared with other friends doing something we love.