Monday, September 13, 2010

Cycle a Century

Last week did not work out for biking - at least through the week.  Running was OK, but even it was put off because of rain (storm) one morning.  Here's how last week played out:

Monday - off (did a little climbing, but still a little sore from the 23 mile run on Saturday)
Tuesday - 2.5 mile warm-up then hills & speed work
Wednesday - 6.5 miles (mountain biking cancelled due to weather)
Thursday - running & biking cancelled due to weather  :-(
Friday - 6 miles
Saturday - 100 miles biking (plus 3 miles walking)
Sunday - 45 miles biking

So, not a great week overall, but two important things happened.

1.  My first Century Bike Ride.  Brady asked when I finished how it felt to ride 100.  I didn't really feel like it was that big of a deal.  I had gone 82 miles before so 100 didn't seem so insurmountable - a challenge yes, but insurmountable no.  Now, having done it I feel the same - as long as it's at my pace.  This was not the case on Saturday, I was pushed.  The part I'm happy with is not so much that I rode 100 miles in a day, but that I rode at a decent pace for those miles with riders that are stronger than me - 3 dudes even.  ;-)
I'm also happy I was able to recover and ride 45 the next morning without too much grief.

2.  New shoes.  We went to the Run Around in Joplin, MO Thursday after work and spent a good hour trying on and trying out shoes.  I had pretty much decided on the Mizuno Wave Rider 13 when Brady talked me into trying on the Saucony Kinvara.  Normally, I would not have looked into these because I thought it was more of a short distance or minimalist shoe and I'm training for a marathon.  Then I remembered I do love my Vibram Fivefingers Sprint so I humored him.  I tried them on and they felt good.  Ran in them and they still felt good.  Chatted about the wear on my prior shoes and agreed they just might work for me.  Tried one of each on (one Wave Rider and one Kinvara) and ran, then rotated and I still picked the Kinvaras.  I have only done one 6 miler in them since purchase and they did start to hurt my toes a bit.  Time will tell, but for now my opinion is still highly favorable.  So, until I can run more than 3 miles in my Fivefingers without blisters these will be my go to shoe.

Till next time - run on!  :-)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I can run for miles and miles...

While the week before last was all about the speed and PR's, last week was about keeping a slight injury in check and still putting in the miles.

Here's how it broke down:

Monday - 5.5 mile run morning, 16 mile ride after work (easy)

Tuesday - speed work 
Wednesday - planned mountain biking, but rain side-lined us (so, unintentional off day)
Thursday - 23 miles ride after work (hard)
Friday - climbing
Saturday - 23 mile run, climbing, disc golf, swimming, hiking
Sunday - climbing

The guess to the injury name is metatarsalgia.  Basically it feels like I'm running with a small rock under the ball of my foot.  Aggravating mostly.  I've been icing and cross training and that seems to help.  Looking to get new shoes (just in case) pretty soon.  

So, my new plan is still on track.  I ran 23 miles Saturday.  The first 3-1/2 on my own, the next 10 with Brooke, the next 4 on my own, the next 5 with my niece and nephew with me on bikes, and the last 1/2 mile with Brady.  So nice to have distractions - he-he!  The foot held out, the calves on the other hand were toasted when we were done.  I hobbled around until I had my shower, but after getting out and doing some climbing with the kids I was back to semi-normal although fatigued.  So, long run accomplished!!  Whoohoo!  Now, just have to make it through the 150 mile bike ride this weekend, Adventure Race in two weeks, and I'll be ready to marathon it up.