Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trying to hang

Note:  this post is from 9/22/11

Running is coming along.  Officially 11 weeks after the birth of Mira.  I'm able to run about 5 days of the week, usually 3-4 miles each.  My longest run was 6 miles last Saturday.  Not sure what my fastest run has been, I guess it's about time to start wearing a Garmin again and see where I actually am.  I do know I'm quicker when Brooke or Brady pushes the stroller!  ;-)
Last night I decided I would try to tag along with Brady and Robert for their run - which can be fast even when I'm in shape.  I hung with them for a little over a mile then opted to take the stroller and slow into a more comfortable pace for the final 2 miles.  They are planning to do these runs more often.  I'm planning to try to hang with them longer each time until I can run the whole distance WHILE pushing the stroller!  :-)
For now I'm happy to be back out on the roads.  Eventually I'll regain speed and possibly a more consistent running schedule (right now I try to run mornings, but when Mira doesn't cooperate we push it off till noon or even after work).
This weekend will be my first test - a 5K Saturday night.  It will be my first since the one I ran the day I went into labor.  My goal at this point is only to beat that time, especially since I'll be pushing an adorable baby in a rocking stroller.

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