Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow commute

Well, I was commuting in my daily wear, wool coat, etc., etc., but after a sheet of ice and 16" of snow with temps in the single digits and wind chill in the double negatives (-13 degrees F today when we left) I've had to rethink.  My daily wear changed to under armor insulated tights and a pair of insulated Columbia hiking pants on bottom.  The top includes a tank, long sleeve tech t, & long sleeve fleece lined top.  On top of all that I threw on ski pants, a waterproof Marmot jacket, insulated boots, and Yaktrax.  Yesterday I had a gaiter for my neck, safety glasses, and a stocking hat.  Today I upped the ante and went with those things plus a Buff to securely cover my nose and mouth and added in ski goggles to keep from fogging up so bad.  Seemed to work - I was much warmer today, but that could also have something to do with the fact the wind wasn't blowing 40mph today and spitting snow in my face??
Some pics the man rode ahead and took yesterday on the way into work
(this was when we only had about 4-5" of snow - it continued throughout the day and stopped at around 16-17"):


The eyebrows were much better today thanks to the goggles!  Also, some roads were plowed today.  Yesterday was like riding in terrible mud.  Good practice I guess!  Reminds me how much I love my mountain bike if nothing else.
Till next time - ride on.

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