Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gotta run

17 weeks along and running is still good with the exception of one thing - bathroom breaks.  They aren't consistent, but some runs lately have been a duathlon that consists of running, bathroom, running, bathroom, etc. I've read all about the blood flow causing more urine through your bladder, hormones, etc., but I don't get why some days it's worse than others.
This morning while eeking out a 4 miler at the Y with Brooke I felt like I needed to go the whole time.  I went right before starting and then again after a mile and wanted to stop for the next 3, but forced myself to persevere.    It makes me wonder how I will ever make it through running into the third trimester at this rate.  Guess I'll just take it day to day.
Running at the Y might have more benefits than being able to run with my friend who is faster than my preggo self - easy access to facilities.  Although part of me wonders if the fact that I know I have access to go makes me need to go more.
In the big picture I know this is minor and my running will continue and that makes life good.  :-)

Till next time, run on!


  1. I will be glad to meet you at the Y - I kinda owe you since you did the same for me :)

  2. Hey, did I tell you congratulations? Congratulations!!! Exciting days ahead!!

  3. Brooke - you don't owe me, but it's appreciated! :-)

    Mark - Thanks!