Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Belly runs

Last week roads were still a little sketchy so we skipped the long Saturday bike ride.  It meant I got to put in 10 running miles with my friend Brooke who was going 19 on her last build before Little Rock Marathon!  It was definitely the best run I've had in a while.  10 miles with only one bathroom break!!  Whoohoo!
We had to utilize main roads since there was still some slush and ice on side roads, but at least we were able to get out and enjoy the above freezing weather.  It was a good day all around with quite a few big wavers.  And we all know the number of wavers is directly proportional to the kind of run you have right??  ;-)

I was wondering on my way home, I'm right at 18 weeks and just starting to show...do people see me and think pregnant girl??  Or, do they see me right now and think I should probably be putting in a few more runs?  Hehe!

I do know there are times when I notice my little belly more.  Last night while doing yoga I realized sitting poses seem to accentuate the bulge.  Then, today in spin class I just happened to glance at myself in the mirror on the way out and noticed that tank tops really don't hide much.  Gone (for now) are the days of flat bellies, but it sure is fun thinking of what all is going on in there.  :-)

Till next time - run on...
Running for two!

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  1. and there is LOTS going on in there ;-) Too cute!!!

    And thanks for the help on the 19. Sure wish you could help with the 23 this Sat. :'( but understand the need for biking on nice days.