Monday, February 21, 2011

Crash and (road) burn

My only real fear of biking while pregnant is falling...

It happened, but it wasn't that bad.  Wondering if my fear of falling didn't contribute to the fall though?
I bike to and from work every day and quite a few times in between.  Biking is kind of like walking.  At least the commuting is.  I ride on a straight bar commuter bike with platforms.  Simple hop on and go.

Riding home from work with the man on Friday afternoon, weather was nice, we were chatting it up...we got to the road where we turn right to put out bikes in the shed and I started to make the turn and the man didn't.  I turned into him enough to get our handlebars tangled.  The next few sequences play in slow motion in my head.  I was already off center and going down.  The handlebars became 'untangled'.  My front wheel turned right and I dropped to the left.  Looking back I think there would have been time to put a foot down - I mean, I wasn't clipped in.  My only thought was "don't hurt the baby".  I landed on my side, specifically my elbow, hip, and a scrap to the hand.  Luckily I had on long sleeves or this might have been hairier:
 Pretty sure the other hand was wrapped around the belly during the fall.  Now that I have had time to think about it, I wonder if my thoughts were "don't fall" rather than "don't hurt the baby" the outcome would have been different?  Not to mention how unlikely falling off my bike onto my belly would be.  Besides the little one is surrounded in a cushion of fluid to protect from things like this.  I did have to do a little self check to make sure I could still hear the fetal heartbeat (and it was still going strong).  Also, pretty sure I'm feeling some movement the last week or so and it has continued.  If there is anything wrong with the beano, I'm fairly certain it wasn't due to this fall.  Now, to move on to how I can be more reasonable in my thought process so that this doesn't happen again...
However, not sure "reasonable" and "thought process" go well together during pregnancy.

Till next time, keep on riding (upright preferably)...

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