Monday, February 21, 2011

Low mileage and new shoes

Running miles were slim last week - only a 4 mile run on Monday and a 3 mile run on Friday.  :-(

The excuse:
It all started with a 10 mile run a week ago Saturday.  I followed that up with a Sunday bike ride of close to 5 hours seat time.  Not hard miles, just a lot of time out.  Monday morning up early for a 4 mile run, and yoga in the evening.  Tuesday morning up even earlier for spin class.  By Wednesday my pregnant body decided sleeping in was the way to go.  It even talked me into taking a much needed afternoon off.  It helped a bunch and Thursday I was back at it with early morning spin.  Friday I was a little tired so I didn't push it, just ran an easy 3.  Saturday we had a nice group ride - close to 4 hours - I got a lovely burn between my jersey sleeve and where I pulled my arm warmers down - in February I'll take it!
Sunday was my first road bike race of any sorts at the Frost Bike 20 mile time trial.  I'll be posting more about it later, but it was a 20 mile ride and I was already a bit fatigued from Saturday so it equaled no run this weekend.

The Plan:
So, the goal this week is at least 3 runs.  Biking is only planned for Saturday so I should have Sunday for a long(ish) run.  Plans to run tonight before the Road Runner's meeting (that just makes sense right??).  Spin will be Tuesday and Thursday so another run on Wednesday.  Hope to throw in some yoga and weights plus the 2.5 hours a week I spend commuting to work via bike and call it good.

The shoes:
I have noticed my shoes are a little worn.  I have been running in an old pair of Asic Kayanos and they really have seen better days.  I knew I needed new shoes, and had planned on buying some more Pearl Izumi Streaks then the positive for pregnancy came.  Just not sure those light weight, race ready shoes will get me through pregnancy.  Finally decided that another pair of Asics were the way to go.  Went to The Run Around and tried on the Kayano 17s and the Nimbus 12s.  Found the Nimbus felt the best right now.  So, I'll be rocking these cuties for the next few months:
I'll keep you posted on whether they have the support to carry me through the next 20 or so pounds.

Till next time - keep running!

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