Monday, January 3, 2011

Erick's Run 2011

Yesterday was the 20th annual Erick's Run in Carthage, MO.  Weather was (in my opinion) great for running - think it was around 35 and sunny with only about a 10 mph wind from the south.  There were around 30-40 people that showed up.  After a long ride in the extreme cold the day before and a persistent cough on my end, the man friend and I decided on an easy run.  Given that, I'm not even sure of our finishing time at this point.  We ran an 8-1/2 minute 1st mile, 9 minute 2nd mile and ? 3rd mile.  We had errands to run and didn't stick around for awards for a change (not that we would have received any, but we could have found out our time).  Maybe it will be posted in a few days.  Regardless, it was fun to just head out and run one and not push myself or worry about time.  The highlight of the run was the Higgins family coming out in full force to cheer on the CRC!  :-)

So, I consider the new year started off right - 3-1/2 hour bike ride on the 1st, 5K on the 2nd.  I'm thinking about taking today off, but who knows.  Maybe I'll get some energy and go for run #2 this afternoon.

On the agenda later today is to come up with my 2011 goals!

Till next time.
Run on.


  1. Way to get out there!! Have a great new year!!

  2. Thanks Mark! Hope you have a great year as well!