Monday, January 3, 2011

Cold, cold, biking

The man friend is an avid cyclist and has plans to keep us biking throughout the frigid cold of winter - and not just on the trainers.  He's started Saturday morning bike rides.  The plan is to start at 10am and ride anywhere from around 1-4 hours depending on who shows, weather, etc.  He sent out an invite to do a test ride in the cold temps the Sunday before last and we were the only crazies to show.  We made it 1-1/2 hours in around 30 degree weather.  Everything was fine except my hands and feet.  The feet had 2 pair of wool socks, shoes, and PI barrier shoe covers.  When we finished my feet were cold and wet.  :-(
So, 2nd go around was this Saturday.  It was colder, but we had other crazies to join us - 4 others to be exact - awesome!  We left the house at 9:30am in order to ride to the start point.  It was 20 degrees, felt like 15 when we left the house with winds out of the NW.  I changed up my gear on the feet.  Wicking socks, wool socks, then Gore waterproof booties, followed by shoes, and PI barrier shoe covers.  It was still cold and I had to continue to move my toes around to keep feeling, but I survived 3-1/2 hours in those temps.  My fingers were still fairly numb so I made the decision to order the PI barrier lobster gloves.  I have the regular ones and I love them in cold temps, but freezing temps are pushing it.  I ordered a men's small so that I can hopefully wear a liner under them.  I'll post on how that works out.  In defense of all the gear I have I should mention that I have extremely poor circulation in my fingers and toes so if it will keep me warm it should keep anyone warm.

My core stayed toasty.  I wore some inSport insulated running tights, my wool socks were of the knee variety, knee warmers, my Exte Ondo Ribbon bib shorts on the bottom.  The top was a bra top, tank, long sleeve Columbia techy shirt, arm warmers, and a long sleeve fleece lined Columbia shirt.  I also had a Columbia Omni-Heat neck gaiter and a Buff to wear up over my ears and face to protect from the wind.

So, this Saturday I'm hoping to be more prepared.  By spring I will have mastered cold weather biking (and forget all I learned by next winter - guaranteed).  ;-)

Keep riding, keep warm!

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