Friday, January 21, 2011

Saturday Long Rides Continue

We rode January 1, 8, & 15.  Each ride has been pretty chilly.  The 1st and 8th were hands down the worst though.  Never got above 30 degrees and winds were 10-15 mph.  We smartly rode into the wind to begin with and were able to relax and chill with a tail wind on the way home.  Rides have gone from 40, to 42, to 45 miles last week when the weather was in the mid-30's for the duration of the ride - sweet!!  The man and I have been riding to and from the start location (another 5 miles each way) so we're definitely getting some seat time.  Last weekend the group pace increased quite a bit.  There were two main reasons - nicer weather, and bigger (stronger) group.  It will continue to gain momentum until I am unable to hang with the lead pack and will be relegated to the mid-pack ride.  Any other season I think I would be plotting how to get stronger and work on hanging with the lead group as long as possible, but there is something different this season.  It's called pregnancy.  So, not only will I be chatting about biking from a female perspective - I will also be chatting about biking from a pregnant perspective!  Pretty sure it's going to be a different experience!  :-)

Not sure what this Saturday will bring.  We've had snow this week.  Main roads are clear, but side roads are sketchy.  I'm guessing there will be some preliminary work done tonight to make the final call.  I'm hoping for a road ride, but I'm sure we'll take cross bikes out on the gravel if roads aren't clear and that will be fun as well.  

Till next time - ride on and stay warm!

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