Monday, January 17, 2011

Of Dogs & Babies

First things first, this blog is going to be changing.  There is big news in our house.  We are expecting!  July 19 to be exact.  As of today we are 13 weeks and 5 days along.  We have had a couple of ultrasounds and been to the doctor to hear the heartbeat a few times.  We are even able to use our own (borrowed) fetal monitor and hear the heartbeat at home!  Pretty exciting in itself.
Running will continue (as long as the doctor says I can), but races are on hold.  Not to say I won't compete in a 5K here or there, but time will not be a consideration.  Maintaining conversation pace is the new speed work.  Some days this is tricker than others!  (not because I push it, just because I get winded more easily these days).  ;-)

So, like I said still running.  Also, still biking.  We had a 56 mile ride on Saturday and it left me a bit fatigued for my Sunday run.  Definitely not going to push it so I opted for a 4 miler - just enough to get the juices flowing.  Once I got going I felt pretty great.  The weather was nice (low 40s) with the sun out.  I was able to run 9 - 9:15min/mile pace on the flats and deliberately slowed down on hills and never got winded.  For me this was a good pregnancy run.  On this run there is one terrible hill, it's a short one, but a steep one.  It swipes my breath on the run and the bike.  I had made a decision up front that I would not push it, that I would just walk it.  I got to the bottom of the hill and had slowed down getting ready to take the first walk step when here comes a German Shepherd charging and barking.  My speed increased and I panicked as he chased me to the other side of the road.  I did get my wits and stop, face him and yell for him to get back.  He did a bit, but was not going to back down.  I finally managed to get past.  I know if he would have meant to hurt me he could have, so I assume he was protecting his home and once I was past that he was fine.  It still didn't calm me down.  I walked down the hill to get my breath, but of course my emotions got the better of me (hormones) and I had a little cry which didn't help.  Finally I was able to breath normally and continue my run home.  By the time I got there I was a little angry and frustrated and had to vent to the man friend.  He suggested I call animal control.  I think I should turn in the owners.  His argument was animal control picks up the dog and then the owners have to pay to get it out so it hits them.  I worry people that won't even make the effort to keep their dog out of the road (where it could get hit) won't make the effort to pick it up.  Maybe I'm too soft, maybe I should have called.  Opinions??
In the future I think pepper spray is needed.  Just no sense taking chances even when running the city streets of a small town!

Till next time - run on and run safe!


  1. How exciting...congrats on your big news!!!

  2. Congratulations!!!! Very exciting news, life changing!! I've had similar probs with dogs out here in the country, it's different in the city though, you should call the authorities if the dog comes into the street, plus, if you feel threatened, by law, you can use lethal force. Of course we'd rather not do that so a good dose of pepper spray will usually do the trick, Take care, July 19th is around the corner!!

  3. Yipeeeeee, couldn't be more excited for you guys ;-) Sorry for the delay in commenting. Not sure how I missed this.