Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Running at 32 weeks pregnant

Just another quick update.  Still getting out the door occasionally.  (Although yoga has turned into my go to preggo exercise - luckily I have found a couple challenging videos that I like and work for me right now.)

So, running - I did 3.5 miles yesterday and walked about .5 of it.  The running (if you can call it that) was very slow.  The man ran with me and actually had a Garmin on so I know how slow I've gotten.  10:30 was average pace, my body preferred 11's and my legs preferred 10's.  They compromised, but I don't think they will continue to do so for much longer.  I think my legs will have to take pleasure from biking and spinning for a while.  I will say that using a maternity band has helped, heat has not.  Drinking on the run exacerbates the need to pee, but not drinking in this weather is not really an option.  I did have at least 1.5 miles of pleasure during the jaunt and that will keep me getting out there.  The plan is to try again tomorrow morning - we shall see how it goes.  :-)

Another note, as of the last couple weeks my longest tanks are starting to show a little belly.  I guess that's not bad considering they are just normal tanks and not maternity.  So, we found a Reebok tank from Motherhood Maternity this weekend.  I don't love the fabric and it's a little long, but it will help get me through.  I like the separation between the boobs & the belly so that it doesn't look like one big blob - that's nice for a pregnant lady.  We need to not feel like blobs as much as possible!  :-)

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