Friday, May 13, 2011

Running at 30 weeks preggo

Just a quick update on running - still doing it.
I have had 2 decent runs, & 2 not as great runs this week.  Kind of sinking in that not all days will be good for running and walking is alright too.  Just getting out there is an accomplishment and the fresh air always does me good.
Biggest issues with continuing to run are bladder/pelvic pressure & sore feet.
Downhills are no longer my friend since they put some extra pounding on the bladder.  On days when it's just 'the need to pee' pain I'm doing OK.  On days when there is pressure and pain in the pelvis (think needle poking pain - not excruciating, just irritating) there is walking.
Taking smaller strides helps reduce all my bladder pain.  Heel striking helps with the pressure on my feet.
Slowing down helps with everything.

So, slow and steady and taking it easy when my body says so, I'm going to try to keep up this mental release during my pregnancy.  Only 10 more weeks!  :-)

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