Thursday, December 15, 2011

Legs & Lager 5K

Ok, so posts are few and far between, but that's not because I don't have things to say.  Time just slips away these days.  Mostly thanks to M:

But, I wouldn't change that for the world.  Then, there are the holidays to prepare for and in-laws moving back to town.  Anyway, I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things.  I thought to begin I would back track to the last race I did - Legs & Lager 5K.  B and I both did this run sans stroller thanks to Great Granny coming to stay with M.  Pre-race we decided to do some warm up running on the single track just off the Greenways trail that the race was being run on.  That all went well and good.  (Running single track and not falling is a little unusual for me - hehe).  We realized we had some more time so we decided to go around the block prior to race start.  About 1/2 way around we hear the 5 minutes till race and decide to head back and take the short cut on the old railroad track.  I cut the corner short and hit a hole where there evidently was a post at some point, but was covered with leaves and down I went.  Lovely, always good to start a race bloody and bruised.  It probably looked worse than it was.  I got some sympathy from fellow racers prior to the start which is always nice.  ;-)  I gave B a kiss then went to line up close to the back since I'm not feeling very speedy as of late (or ever really - ha).  The gun went off and we took off.  I made sure not to go out too fast.  Managed to pick off a few peeps on the way out, then distracted myself by cheering the race leaders (including B) on their way back.  I finally made it to the turn around and realized I still felt pretty good.  Had a bit of a mental let down when the slight turn in the trail was not the one closest to the end as I had thought.  Luckily my pride at just having passed a couple people and B cheering me on allowed me to keep pace until the end.  Finished in 24:47.  I took another minute off my post-baby time.  Only one more minute to take off before I'm back to pushing for a new PR.  Whoohoo.  Considering my sporadic running schedule lately I'll take it.

Till next time - run on.

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  1. Love the picture - what a sweet girl. And have a I said you are awesome....great job in the 5K time.