Friday, December 3, 2010

Warm feet, happy feet

  Part of commuting for me is riding to and from spin class.  Spin class is at 5:15am in SW MO so it gets a little cold this time of year (it's been mid-20's this week at that time).  I hate my feet being cold and it seems like it takes nothing for this to happen.  In addition I like to wear my Keen Commuter clipless sandals during spin class so it makes sense to just wear them there, but they are definitely not warm.  Even when I completely dork them up and wear socks with them.
NOTE:  I know I said (on a budget) in the title and these are a little pricey regular, but I found this color in my size for 50% off at Sunshine Bike Shop in Springfield, MO so I had to have them.  :-)
They also carry Vibram Five Fingers and have lots of colors and styles in stock.

So, I found another 'on sale' item last summer that has really helped out.  Pearl Izumi Barrier MTB shoe covers.  They are the bomb though.  Maybe not highly attractive, but you're feet stay nice and warm.  Pair them with the Pearl Izumi Barrier gloves and your extremities stay pretty toasty.
My suggestion on all of the cold weather gear is too buy it in the summer.  My gloves aren't as cute as this pic because they are a couple years old, but I got them really reasonable.

One last shout out in cold feet gear that I just tried out over vacation in the Grand Canyon Thanksgiving week were Gore Bike Wear's Gore Tex® Socks.  I know they came from Terry, but I don't think they were on sale - just a great b-day present from my man who knows when my feet are warm I'm happy!  I had these socks on over a pair of SmartWool PhD Trail Running Mini socks as well as a pair of Columbia Bugaboo ski socks.  So, I was prepared, but we did hike through snow, sleet, and rain at below freezing temps.  I guess I should also give some credit to my Salomon XT wings, but they aren't waterproof and my feet stayed comfortably warm and dry for the duration.  And, after a 14 mile hike in 11 hours with 3 kids (ages 8, 9, & 11) I think that's pretty dang good.

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