Friday, December 17, 2010

Forgot the gloves

For some reason I had in my head while I was getting ready that it wasn't as cold out today as it has been.  Turns out that was not an accurate assessment on my part.  It was around 25 degrees when I left the house with only a pair of, let's say normal weight gloves.  Not the barrier gloves I've been wearing.  Big mistake.  My fingers were frozen by the time I got to work (remember only 1 mile so it didn't take long).  Note to self - check the weather - don't go on gut feel alone!

On a happier note, I have been eying this wool trench coat from Express for a week or so.  A couple of days ago they finally put it on sale and I thought about it, but still decided I didn't need it.  Then yesterday they had a coupon for $30 off of $75 purchase - I thought SCORE.  But, the coat was back to original price.  :-(
Today I got the best of both worlds plus free shipping so I indulged.  Now, I have this coming in the mail for me for Christmas:

I think it will be the perfect length to not get caught up in the bike and keep me nice and toasty and looking pretty cute to boot.  :-)

Happy commuting!

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