Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Staying warm

The weather in SW MO has been colder than normal.  I understand it is winter and all, but 7 degrees and feels like 0 is not conducive riding weather!  So, I admit I did skip a commute day.  I told myself it was due to fighting a head cold, but it was really because it was just plain cold.  The temps were up today - a balmy 21 degrees when it was time to leave for work so I wore my warm boots, long trench coat, PI barrier gloves, and a balaclava (not to be confused with baklava - so, yummy) and rode on in.  It really was not too bad.  I guess the body is finally adjusting to the cold temps.  NOTE:  I know people ride in a lot colder weather, but it's all relative and for me this is cold!  ;-)

Baretraps boots - mine are very similar to these (just a bit older):
They survived hiking all over Ireland and kept my feet toasty and warm.  I bought 1/2 size up so I could still fit in some heavy wool socks for extra cold days.  

To keep the lower face warm and not wind burnt I either use a balaclava (face mask) like this: 
Or, I also will wrap a Buff around my neck and pull up around my mouth as needed.  It mostly depends on what is clean, but the face mask is a little warmer and stays in place a little better.  

Wherever you are, stay warm and keep riding!  :-)

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