Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Still running, still cold

The weather hasn't completely sidelined me...yet.  I'm still sans a treadmill run on the season (although it's been tempting a few days).  With work travel, fun travel, holidays, family, life, etc. running has been hit and miss.  I'm back on a pretty regular schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays.  Spinning is Tuesday and Thursday and I've also added yoga a few days a week and the occasional bike ride (or trainer ride if weather is temperamental).  So, feeling pretty good on the exercise front most days.
No big races on the calendar, but there are a couple 5K's:

January 1, 2011 - Chilly 5K Challenge 2011 - it is in Joplin, MO and goes from the Downtown YMCA to the South YMCA.  It doesn't start till 11am so you can still stay up to ring in the new year.  There is a chili cook-off directly after at the South facility (luckily not before).  Should be fun.

January 2, 2011 - 20th Annual Erick's Run - held in Carthage, MO, starting at the Fair Acres Family YMCA at 2pm.  It's a great event that usually has a good turnout if the weather is above freezing.  I think last year it had to be postponed a week because of ice but it was still a great event.

Hope to see everyone out.  Run on.


  1. hope to do one with you ;-) and I did wimp out once and did the treadmill (cold rain)

  2. Ah, cold rain basically gives you a bye - treadmills are perfectly acceptable on those days! ;-)