Thursday, June 18, 2009

Road Kill

So yesterday was my mid-week long run/ride day - wasn't really planning both, but sometimes that's how it plays out. I got up early and went for a 6 mile run with a 1 mile pick-up at the end. It went well - the weather was good and my body (especially quads) was not nearly as sore as the day before.

After work I had to go see Grandpa in Sarcoxie at the nursing home so we decided to ride there and back - it's a good ride on outer roads with some rolling hills - a little over 35 miles round trip. It was also my first chance to try out my new Pearl Izumi women's elite road shoes!! I'm not usually a 'pink' girl, but I really like these shoes - very sweet!

On the way out I worked pretty hard to keep up with the man on the hills and did better than normal - I was a little more tired heading back, but we kept up a pretty decent pace. About 5 miles into our ride home we were on a low travel outer road getting ready to meet a big SUV - no worries until we see some road kill on their side. We were a little scared that in their attempt to miss the road kill they may take us out so we're keeping a close eye on the situation - even slow down a little so we don't meet up at the road kill at the same moment. They don't swerve - they head straight towards the kill in an attempt to straddle it. It was evidently a little wider than anticipated because they were unable to clear it. As I'm cringing from the tires crushing bone I look back in the general direction and BAM! - I get hit square in the cheek with a chunk of 'something'. (UFRK) It was the size of a quarter - came flying up and straight at me. I'm not a veteran rider, but I've eaten more than a few bugs, had them fly up my nose, caked in my eyes, even felt the wetness from other riders elimination of bodily fluids (spit, snot, etc. - yuck!!), but this was a first for me - getting hit by road kill. Needless to say I was ready for a shower when I got home and not just because I was caked in salt from the heat!!
Let's hope tonight's ride is less eventful. ;-)

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  1. Wow! I'd be ready for a shower, too. Good post! I'm smiling!