Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Early Runs

There's something to be said for getting up and running early - you know, before most people have even thought about getting out of bed! Our plan today was Brooke and I would each leave our respective houses at 5:10am - meet at our 1/2 way point - puts each of us at a mile - run 4 together and then we each run 1 home. We do this a lot - it just makes sense. So, I'm used to making the turn onto the road where we intersect and I start watching for her - always wondering if I was a little late, or if she's a little early, trying to predict exactly where we'll meet - it's silly, but entertaining for a few blocks. This morning was a little different - we ran 1/2 an hour earlier than our normal early morning runs so it was really dark. Running down the city street, street lights on, no cars out, nothing moving except the occasional bird - it's so calm. So, where we intersect there are very few lights and I have to strain my eyes to try to see if she's coming. Finally, I think I see reflections of something moving - it is her shoes - I still can't see her - just the shoes (nameless, faceless feet plodding along) - then the glow of the iphone - then I finally can make out her silhouette. It's always good to see her and know that I have someone to chat with! :-)

We had a good run today, our only problem came when it was getting closer to 6am and we had to start looking out for cars - I think everyone that is driving at this time of morning is still asleep - they don't seem to want to give us enough room and they sure won't wave. Maybe they just think we're crazy - and I guess we are a little bit, but when you're a runner you run when you can - whether that means 5am, 5pm, or sometime in between!


  1. Wonderful post! I like the picture of the shoes and Ipod lighting up first. The roads can certainly be a challenge to run on, anymore.

  2. Thanks!
    Yep - the roads are challenging - in the city we have cars and in the country we have dogs - but regardless of obstacles we still go out and power through it! :-)