Friday, June 19, 2009

Riding with Cushion

After a long run/ride on Wednesday I was looking forward to a chill ride to Joplin last night. I left the house about 6:15pm - it was still a bit hot, but cooling down some. The wind was there - out of the southwest so that slowed me down a bit. Overall though I had no complaints - it was a good 15 mile ride - challenging, but allowed for recovery.

I got to the man's house, where we were meeting to pick up a couch and loveseat to take to my house. We got them loaded in the trailer and headed out - everything seemed to be riding fine. We stopped at Taco Bell for a quick dinner since it was already around close to 8pm, then headed towards the highway home. When we first got on the highway everything seemed to be riding really well - we thought the cushions were attached. About 4 miles shy of Carthage we realized they were not! We looked back and realized one was missing. We pulled over, not really knowing what our next step would be - we didn't know if it had just blown out, or if it had been miles and miles ago. I decided I would grab my bike out of the back of the truck and ride to find it. Of course at this point I'd taken off my new shoes and had on flip flips (not so easy to ride with flip flops & clipless, but I've done it a few times). So I take off riding on the highway shoulder towards traffic at dusk looking for a cushion. I'd made it about a mile when I spotted something in the road - I just knew it had to be it so I ride fast towards the shadow. I get there and it is indeed the cushion - only minor scuffs (it's a leather sofa) that can be buffed out. Then, I realize the flaw in my plan - how am I going to carry a cushion on my bike back the two miles to the truck. I pick it up and attempt to lay it across my handlebars - steadying it with one hand and trying to ride with the other. Because of the size it made me have to ride bow-legged. I'd say it was pretty hilarious to watch me!! If only I had a picture, but come to think of it - I might be glad I don't! ;-)

It was a ride I won't soon forget. Kind of glad today is my day off - who knows what exciting things might happen!?! Ah, now I have to focus on getting ready to run 18 tomorrow!! Good times!

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  1. Wish I could of seen it!!! Have a good run tomorrow!