Friday, June 12, 2009

Race tomorrow

Boomtown 1/2 marathon is tomorrow and I don't feel ready - OK I said it out loud (sort of), but I just don't. I just haven't felt good this week - lots of reasons - hopefully none of which will be detrimental to my performance, but we shall see!
Breaking 2 hours will be the goal - I guess I have done that before - during a marathon - just not in an actual 1/2. How hard can it be to do it again? I'll have Brooke with me and it's in Joplin - so roads I know (but really, is that good or bad?? - sometimes the unknown is better).

I hope there is a post on here soon telling of a great performance!! :-)
Kind of excited about the banquet tonight - getting to hear Bart Yasso speak - that will be cool. Till then....


  1. Hope the race went well...

  2. Well, we ran it in 1:59 and some change - broke 2 hours - that was the goal. It was pretty hot and hilly, but Brooke got me through it. It wasn't my day, but was happy with our time regardless. Bart Yasso was there so that was pretty cool. I'm sure I'll post a blog about it all tomorrow. Thanks for the comment! You race next weekend right?