Monday, June 15, 2009

Boomtown 1/2 Marathon

Oh race day - isn't it weird that it doesn't seem to matter how big or small a race is - it's still race day? 5K, 10K, 1/2 marathon, marathon, Adventure Race - they all come with some race day jitters no matter how many you do. The 1/2 marathon was no exception Saturday even though I was looking at it as just another training run. I probably wouldn't have even signed up, but 1/2 marathon's don't happen every day in this area so as a runner you have to do it - right? Show support for the local running community and all that jazz. Well, of course!

The CRC did our part - 3 of our 4 runners were out and ready to run at gun time. (And our fouth was our supporter extraordinare!!) It was 7am and a little hot but we were ready. Bart Yasso and Sara Reinerstein were there to start us and Bart even ran with us - pretty cool in itself. (And as a side note, we beat him by 8 minutes, but he did start behind us and has been battling lyme disease). The course was pretty hilly and I don't mean up and down, just up - lol - it seemed like it anyway. The first 7 miles went by pretty quickly, but it was around there that some serious fatigue set in my legs. They felt very heavy, but I could have tolerated that if not for the nausea & dizziness I was feeling. I'm pretty sure I have an inner ear infection - everything is still echoing in my head. Brooke kept me moving though - even when I wanted to stop we kept moving along. The last two miles were the worst - people passed us that I'm sure we could have beat, but I just didn't think I had anymore in me, but like Brooke says - you always have more than you think you do.

So, we round the corner to head up main street to the finish - around 5 blocks left and I feel like I'm going to pass out and I see the clock and see that we could make it in 2 hours so I tell Brooke to go on - knowing that her taking off is the only way I'm going to motivate myself to do it. She does and I start slower, but eventually my legs start moving faster than I thought they could - I think I startled her a little bit being right behind her, but we finished together over the line. What really sucks is they scored me before her even though it shows our time the same - I just realized this today. I assume they just went alphabetical since we tied - not really sure. But I owe finishing this race to her and I sure didn't deserve to finish ahead.

She says I helped her through her Wichicta marathon - well, she's paid back any debt in full - she got me through this race and it was a tough one for me. So, now the score is even - it's about time we run a race where we both have a good day - how hard can that really be?? ;-) I have confidence our day is coming soon!


  1. Hey, You broke two hours! Sounds like a great training run with a good friend. The festival was in West Plains at a cool little Park where the have campers and hook ups. The biggy is comimg up next month. Starvy Creek Bluegrass Festival in Conway Mo. We are not slated for that one this year, but maybe next year. I will, however be hanging out around there some doing some jammin' with my friends.

  2. ;-) All runs are good ones with friends...right. Someday we'll get that sub 4!!!!