Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Riding and Running

It's been a backwards week for me - been doing more riding than running - not nearly enough of either though. I'd like to blame it on the heat, but it's more that there is just so much to do in life lately. Enough about that though, this bleep is about what I have done.

Tuesday we had a ride with SWAT - I rode with Brady and a couple other guys from the group. It wasn't too bad - they were a little fast for me so I had to draft, but it was great practice. I'm starting to feel more comfortable on my bike, in groups, and hugging someones back wheel. It was out and back and per gmaps pedometer it was about 24 miles. Still loving my new shoes and cleats. The only pain I'm having is fatigue/tightness in my shoulders. Maybe I'm still nervous, or I just haven't gotten my seat height perfect yet. I'll keep tweaking it all and eventually get better. For now I'll just be happy at how far I've come. (Knock on wood I haven't fallen in a long time!)

Yesterday I braved the 5:30pm heat and did a 6 mile run. Brooke rode with me. It was pretty good - ran it in 57 min - 9-1/2 minute miles. As hot as it was I was content with that. I want to do hills or track work tonight, but it needs to happen after we make a trip to Sarcoxie to see Grandpa so we'll see. If not tonight I'll have to hit it in the morning and I've been too tired to make myself get out of bed early! Must go tonight!

I've done some good things in my bit of off-season, but now it's time to get serious about training - no more skipping track days, or hill workouts. I have to commit. Of course, I have over committed to races so that will be an issue of how to fit training for all of it in - as always!

July 11 is the Tornado Alley bike ride - not sure if we are doing the 70+ mile ride or the full 110 mile ride, but either way it will be a lot more than I'm used too. I seriously need some seat time for that. Might try for a 50+ mile ride Sunday.
July 25 is the Dusk till Dawn Adventure race - for it I need to spend time trail running, single track riding and lifting upper body weights so I can survive the canoe. So, will Sunday be a 50+ road ride or a few hours on single track - argh, the decisions!!
The next major race - that requires lots of prep is Chicago Marathon - October 11. This requires running, running and more running - which I am planning to do Saturday morning. Might try to do a few miles of the run on the Ruby Jack trail to get some gravel road miles - not the same as trails, but closer than pavement.
Seriously - how do people fit it all in?? ;-)


  1. I sure don't know how they do it, but you are doing pretty well! Lots of exciting races coming up...I was in the bike shop the other day...I must resist! I must resist!!

  2. Oh no - you don't have to resist a bike - they are great cross training!! However they are a bit of an addiction in and of themselves - I have three now and my boyfriend has seven (including the tandem that we use to cruise around town). :-O They are a lot of fun though!!