Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Commuting Apparel

When my bike commute was 12 miles each way I opted for actual cycling gear and toted my work wear in a back pack.  With a 1 mile each way commute this task seems silly so I've started finding commute friendly work wear.  A summer time favorite is light weight pants with a dressy tank top and cardigan.  It's the layering I need for hot, hot weather.  The cardigan comes off for the ride and I stay cool.
For fall and winter I enjoy tunics and leggings with tall boots.  No leg strap needed to keep pants out of chains - just hop on the bike and go.  You can get creative by adding a skirt on top of the leggings for a fun look.
Two shops I've found nice work acceptable tunics are Terry & Columbia.

I originally thought the Columbia stuff wasn't quite my style, but throw it on over a cami, some leggings, tall boots and add an attention getting necklace it's a fun outfit for work.
The Terry stuff is sometimes lacking in the dressy category, but the quality is great and there are pieces that can work for the office if you try.
Columbia is more of an outdoorsy line of clothes, but I enjoy the following for going to the market or the occasional casual Friday wear:

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