Thursday, March 18, 2010

Going slow

Life has been going fast - training has been going slow.  The never ending battle right?
I had decided to run St. Louis marathon a few months back and have been trying to keep up with training.  With work travel and just general 'life' it's been hit and miss at best.  I'm pretty sure I can do it regardless, it's just going to hurt and be slow.  Because of that and a prior commitment the night before in Carthage (meaning drive all night and not get a good nights sleep the night before the race) I decided - just do the half!!  Great idea, EXCEPT it was already closed.  :-(
So, back to the original plan - eek my way through the rest of the training.
Game plan as of today - run today (4-6), maybe bike a little Friday, St. Patty's Urban Adventure Race Saturday, and 20 mile run on Sunday (LSSD - that is long, SUPER slow distance - hehe).
Next week I'll do normal weekly runs - 4-6 miles on at least 3 days, then follow that up with a 23 mile run on Saturday.
I'll leave town that Sunday for Salt Lake City for work - hopefully get in runs on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday.  Thursday I fly to Portland, OR after work and meet Brady.  We plan to do a lot of biking and one long hike on Friday to take the place of my run and allow a little recovery.  The Muse concert is Saturday, then we head home Sunday.  There will be more biking, hiking, walking on both of those days.
Chilling out will be on the agenda for the week of the 5th - probably 3 runs of 3-4 miles.
Saturday night drive to St. Louis - hopefully sleep for at least 5 hours, get up and run 26.2!  :-)

Maybe not the best plan, but it's the one I'm going with until I change it!  ;-)


  1. Well at least there's a plan and that is what counts ;-)

  2. FYI - did you know Debbie & Robert signed up for Chicago

  3. Are they both doing the full??
    That's awesome.