Friday, March 5, 2010


I know I've talked about it before, but I truly believe that giving blood takes it's toll on my running (biking, exercise) performance for at least a week.  This week I gave blood on Tuesday afternoon.  They started to take it out of my left arm and the blood started coming out - about 3-4 inches worth then it stopped, not to a trickle - just stopped.  The 'nurse' fiddled with it - moving the needle around in my arm (ouch!) - to no avail.  She had her supervisor come over who did the same thing until it looked like a little gum ball was developing under my skin and decided it best to pull out.  Since I was already there I offered up my right arm, which I found out she was only able to do because I had rounded up and said I weighed 120.  I guess if they take 35cc of blood out of you they can't start over if you weigh l19 or less.  So, we flip the chair around and start again - this time with success.  I felt fine upon completion.  I got up and had a sugar cookie, some grapes and a diet caffeine free Pepsi before heading back to work for the last 30 minutes of the day.  I started feeling a little light headed and decided it best not to work out.  Once I got home I took off the bandages they gave me and saw how mangled both my arms looked.  They both had knots and bruising - I am a lovely druggie - lol!  Even after three days I am still rocking some purple/green/yellow patches the size of quarters.
So, like I said, no running Tuesday.  Wednesday just ended up being too busy (painting - blah!).  Yesterday I got myself ready and headed out - only to get 2 miles in and feel like passing out.  I decided this was not a good thing to happen while I was running alone at dusk so I headed home.  I maybe made it 3 miles (out of the 6 I had intended).  I think it's just something I need to accept if I want to continue to give?!?  I've done all I know to do - drank lots of water before and after and just not pushed myself too much.  *Sigh* - to do the right thing; the generous, caring, helpful thing or to be selfish and keep my runs at full throttle...
We know that I will continue to give, and to complain when I can't knock out the mileage or the speed post drainage and that's OK.

So, riding to work this week and the weather today is SUPER!   Get out there and RIDE!


  1. I think I told you this when you twisted my arm into going with you didn't I. Giving blood sucks the life out of you. It took me almost a week to get over it :) which is sooo annoying when trying to put in the miles. Maybe this should be something you do when you aren't training for a marathon??? Thoughts????

    And I was wondering....what do you think a diet, caffeine free Pepsi is going to do for you ;)

  2. I agree it's something I should do when not training for a marathon, cycling, or adventure race, but that basically wipes out any opportunity I have! :-)
    Diet, caffeine free Pepsi was just for fluid - it was the only caffeine free thing they had at the blood drive so I tried it - mostly b/c they had the awesome Sonic crushed ice! ;-)