Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter weather

Or not?  This 30, 40, and even the occasional 50 degree weather is just fine by me for winter weather.  I'm biking to work sans coat, running in shorts and actually able to go out for distance on the bike and not freeze my you know what off.  It's pretty rockin'.  
For example I went out to run on Saturday in shorts and a long sleeve tech shirt.  I went out for 10 and ended up running 11 (mostly because I was without my Garmin), but also because it ended up being such great weather for a winter run.  When I started it was raining - which felt cold with temps in the high 30's, but it stopped within 30-40 minutes of the run and thanks to dri-fit technology I was able to carry on and warm right back up.  I met Debbie about this time who was brave enough to come out and run even though it still looked rainy.  We ran 5, with a quick stop at Brooke's just to say Hi since she's unable to run right now :-(.  After Debbie finished I kept going and wanted to make sure I got in my full 10 so I went further then I thought I needed and a quick check on gmaps pedometer confirmed I had - I think it was 11.16.
Sunday the weather was still in the low 40's and drizzling, but we decided to bundle up for a 'gravel grumble'.  I wore thermal tights, long sleeve tech t-shirt, and biking jacket (mid-weight).  I also wore heavy biking gloves, a buff around my neck, fleece hat, and two pair of smart wool socks.  My core warmed right up - within the first 20 minutes I had my jacket unzipped.  My toes got cold and stayed cold, but I think it's more of a physical thing with me than being inappropriately dressed.  As I sit here at my desk my toes are also cold?  They have extremely bad circulation.  Other than that, I think I have dress for biking under control.  We rode gravel trails, road, and also hit a little single track on our cross bikes.  We were filthy with mud by the time we got home, but it was fun.
Yesterday temps got up to 54 I think.  I started my run at 5:30pm so it was already getting dark and cooling off.  I opted for shorts and long sleeve tech shirt again.  Without the rain the long sleeve was unnecessary, I could have made it with short sleeves - possibly a tank, but that might have been pushing it.  I was pretty warm for the first 1/2 of the run and worked my way to comfortable by the end of my 8 mile jaunt.  

This has me hopeful for a good early season.  I never feel prepared for the beginning of the season if I have been rockin' it on treadmills and spinner bikes all winter.  We shall see - who knows what the rest of winter will bring, hopefully I will be ready!  

Run on, Bike on...


  1. Man, you are going to be so ready! When is your first race?

  2. I'm looking at Run with the Wind Feb. 27, then there's a short Adv. Race in March and possibly another in April (or a marathon), then the 1st big Adventure Race will be May 22.
    You should come do the 'Run with the Wind' - it's pretty fun, but they don't always get the wind direction right. Last year it should have been 'Run into the Wind 25K'!

  3. Run with the wind sounds like fun! What marathon? OKC again?

  4. with you in spirit friend!!! the bike sounded fun - love muddy rides ;)

  5. Looking at doing St. Louis again just for fun. If it goes well I might try for another later in the season.
    Oh yeah, love the muddy bike rides - hate the laundry afterwards - haha! ;)