Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend runs

Although 2 out of 3 runs were on the treadmill it was still a decent weekend for running and exercise in general.  It felt good to be getting back into it a bit.  Friday I met Brooke a they Y and ran 2 miles, followed by 40 minutes on a spin bike then 20 minutes swimming - my own little mini-triathlon right??  ;-)

Saturday I had big intentions of doing 10 miles, but my cold was still kicking my butt pretty good.  I got in 7 before I gave in to the chest pains and overall feelings of crappiness.  I didn't let myself get disappointed though. Those 7 miles were harder than some 12's I've done and I didn't feel the need to push it further.

Sunday was the 19th Annual Erick's Run 5K in Carthage, MO.  Brady and I headed out to support the event.  I was happy to go, but I wasn't feeling like I was going to set anything on fire - I was just hoping not to set a PW. It was about 20 degrees at race start - I had my thermal tights, tank, wind resistant nike top, gloves, under armor ear band, sunglasses, and iPod shuffle (b/c I was planning on being out there a while - lol).  We took off and I reigned myself in right away knowing that taking out too fast could be detrimental for me.  I stayed a few feet behind a man that I thought had a pretty reasonable pace going.  Nearing mile 1 we started picking off all the younger kids that had gone out with too much fire.  It was an out and back course this year due to the road conditions.  Going out we had a nice little downhill.  I enjoyed it, hollering out encouragement to the leaders as I met them - Brady being one of them.  Still following my unofficial pace setter we rounded the cone signifying half-way and started back up the hill.  I don't know if I sped up or he slowed down, but I passed my pacer going uphill a bit before mile 2.  I still felt pretty good although my breathing was heavy.  I tried to just focus on the lady in front of me and stay steady.  It worked, I was able to gain a little on her and on a better day possibly have caught her, but I crossed the finish line with a smile in a time of 24:37.  I'm pretty sure that's led me to set a new goal for 2010 - run a sub 24:00 5K.  Surely that's doable, especially if I can get 'coach Brady' back in action for my speed work drills.

I've got a bit of a plan going for this week to keep up my momentum.  Running and lifting today, yoga & biking (on trainers) tomorrow, spinning Wednesday (to free up that evening for Mom's b-day), running & lifting thursday, yoga friday, long run on Saturday.  Of course next week just as I'm getting back into a routine I have to leave town on Thursday through the following Friday - that's sure to throw a kink in my plans, but I will make due.

Update on my commuting - with this blasted cold/sinus infection I haven't felt the need to subject myself to the freezing temps so early in the morning.  I hope to get back to it, as soon as tomorrow possibly.  It wasn't in the cards today, even though the temp is at a balmy 33 degrees right now.

Run on.


  1. congrats on the great 5K sure can break 24...a good goal. You've really been motivated! I'm struggling with it....

  2. Thanks Mark - I've been struggling with motivation myself, I've find writing it down has helped me commit a little bit. You'll get it back, we all need some breaks! ;-)