Monday, March 30, 2009

In the Snow

Ah, running in the snow - so hard, but so good at the same time.

Running in fresh snow - the only footprints you see are from non-humans - mostly deer, some birds, a few squirrels and possibly a racoon. So awesome. You feel alone, but alive.

Running down the service road to hit the single track trails was exhillirating in itself - how can you describe?? I had my trusty mascot (lol - just kidding, but my most awesome mountain biker pal - seriously who can ride single track in the snow anyway - he can!!) with me. Since I'm not a fast runner or moutain biker, me running in the snow while he bikes (with no traction) is finally somewhat equal playing field!! ;-) HA!

So, running in the snow - it makes you feel so many muscles you haven't felt while running on the roads. It was painful, beautiful, pristine - a run I won't soon forget. Really, that's all I want to say......


  1. I love to run in the snow, but thankfully we didn't get but a dusting here! Great pic

  2. Yeah, snow running is great, but I'm glad it didn't last long - bring on spring!! ;-)