Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New, New Shoes

It feels like I've changed shoes so often lately...

A few months ago I went and had my gait analyzed at a local running store and switched up brands of shoes. Tried the Saucony Omni's for a couple months and since then I have had serious blisters - I thought they would eventually quit rubbing, but it didn't really happen.

So, by a stoke of luck (haha) I was planning to do a trail run in KC in the middle of a 2 week work trip and had asked the man to bring my clothes and shoes when he came to meet me. As luck would have it he forgot. No worries, I'm a runner I can always use new shoes! ;-)

So, off to the closest sporting goods store we went - they had a limited selection of trail shoes - decided on some Asic Gel Enduro's - low end, but they seemed to be functional enough for what I was wanting (and they did get me through a 2 hour trail run in the snow - see previous blog). While we were there the man talked me into trying on a pair of his favorite running shoes - Mizuno's. I tried on two different kinds, but after some humorous running around the make shift 'track' at the store with my jeans rolled up and the man taking video of my form - I decided I really liked the Wave Inspire.

I'll have to give further updates after more wear, but after using them for a 45 mile week (including a 22 mile run) they are great - no break-in time required as far as I can tell. Three weeks till OKC, we'll see how they hold up there!! :-)


  1. I am a believer in Asics! Use two pair Kayanos and one pair of GT2140's.
    Good luck in OKC. Great running week!

  2. Well, I should add that I did run 2 marathons in Asics Nimbus and really liked them, but they just didn't fit quite right - had numbness in my toes. So, I switched up to the Kayano - they were better and I still have them, they are my stand-by for sure - I am just always on the prowl for something that fits me a little better.
    Also, we just did a survey for our local multi-sport club and Asics came out on top there - there's no doubt they are a pretty great shoe!

  3. I used to run in Nike Air Max. Nothing would move me out of them! I started using Kayanos because relatives owned a Sporting goods store, really good deals!!
    I wonder about the Air Max?
    Are you running a Marathon in OKC?

  4. From our group there weren't many Nike fans - I did run my first two marathons in Nike's though. I can't remember what style - think they were the 'miler' or something like that.

    Yeah, running the Oklahoma Memorial Marathon April 26. I also signed up to do Chicago this year - pretty excited.

    Your marathon is coming up soon right? How is the taper going? Getting excited?

  5. Wow! Chicago! They say that is a great, fast marathon. Taper is going good. Doing a ten miler at MP today.Good weather!!!
    Yeah, excited, nervous, I'm really wanting to break four hours.
    How's your training going? I saw you got in a 22 miler! Are you starting your taper this week?

  6. Yeah, I'm excited about Chicago - I hear great things about it.
    I am in taper - I have a 10 miler today too - the weather does look great for it though!
    Breaking 4 is my goal as well. I hope we both make it! :-)

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