Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mid-day Running

It's in the low 40's today, but pretty clear. Brooke and I just went for a 4-1/2 mile run over the lunch hour. It's been a few months since I've done that, but it felt so good. The wind is coming out of the south today so running that direction was a little chilly, but the run back to the office was nice - I even got a little hot.
It made me so ready for spring and summer when I can just take off and run at any given time and not have to be overly prepared with all the cold weather gear to keep from freezing. Knowing you have a gym bag with shorts, shirt, jog bra, socks, running shoes and a hair tie at all times is a liberating feeling. Knowing you can leave the headaches, politics, paperwork, emails all behind in moments notice! Times like these make me really question why I still live in southwest Missouri and not somewhere where it stays at a tolerable temperature year round??

Regardless, I got to get in a lunch run today and it felt good, really good to have that mid-day break! :-)

On a side note and possible future blog - it seems that a severe fault of American business lies in not giving employees sufficient breaks during the day - or making their workdays too long - or in my case, both of those. There is so much to be said for a break in the day to refresh and rejuvinate you - helping you to be a more productive employee! And, if we all utilized breaks for runs, brisk walks, bike rides, or even a game of frisbee toss - we would also be healthier - lowering our respective companies health costs...


  1. Hey Chanti,
    Looks like I won't make it to the race this weekend. Thanks for the info. I am still on track for the Frisco Marathon in April though. I just can't work this race into my weekend. Hope you have a great race!

  2. You missed a windy race - gusts were between 27 & 37mph I heard. We ran north and west so it was just a cross wind, but it was brutal. At least it wasn't cold!
    Where is the Frisco marathon? Good luck with it!

  3. Hey Chanti, I saw your results on OMRR web-site- great time!! The Frisco 50K and Marathon starts in Willard Mo and finishes in Boliver. It's April 18th.