Friday, January 2, 2009

Made it to 12!

I know, when you've ran 26.2 5 times is 12 really that significant?? I guess it's surely a mental thing, but after you've layed off for a few weeks, 12 seems like a lot. Especially since Brooke was only running 8. It worked out - it is 2.07 miles from my house to her house so I just ran there and met her, ran 8 with her, then home - voila!!! - 12 miles! ;-)

If only it really were that easy. I've just felt tight and not quite myself as far as running is concerned, but given that it was 55 degrees on Jan. 2 - how can you not have a good run??
Speaking of which, I think a bike ride is in order before it's starts cooling off! Better go! :-)

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