Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Starting Block

So, I love my Pearl Izumi shoes, but they were basically racing flats so after training and running one marathon they were done! Also I've had some knee and hip issues so I decided it's time for new shoes. My first thought was to just order some new Pearl's but then I heard about a new shop in Springfield that custom fits you for your shoes so I decided I better have a try at it.

The first thing they do is look at your feet, while sitting then while standing to gauge your arch, then they have you do a one leg squat to check alignment, then they stick you barefoot on the treadmill to run for a bit while they video. After that you get to look at your form in slow motion while they explain what type of runner you are and then show you the area of wall that has shoes to fit your need. You start with one of two different shoes, run in them, then decide which you like best and keep it and put another type on the other foot and do it all over again. This continues until you find the shoes you like best.

With my love of ASICS, Pearl's and Salomons I was surprised to find that the shoes I liked best were Saucony Omni's. Not the prettiest shoe, but they just fit me well and felt good.
I've only ran in them a few times - I wore them for 6 miles on a mid-week run. When I felt they were starting to rub my arch and give me a blister I switched back to my Pearl Streaks - man, what a difference. It was like I was running barefoot when I went back to my Pearl's - they had no cushion at all - no wonder I'd been having some pains. We had a 15 mile run last weekend, but with the melting snow still on the ground I opted to wear my Pearl Peak XC trail shoes instead - luckily they still have some cushion. I did wear the Saucony's yesterday for our 4 mile lunchtime run and they were great. Once they are broken in I think they will be the bomb. I'll know for sure once we've run the OKC marathon! ;-)

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