Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Start the Year Right

The holidays - always a hard time of year to eat right and exercise. This year has been a minor improvement - maybe not on the eating part, but at least the exercise. I managed to run 10 miles the morning after Christmas. Not bad considering we went to two different family Christmas' the day before - the first one at 8am and the second one was followed by eating sushi, drinking sake, and Kirin then back to my place for some serious UNO and Harry Potter Scene it (did you know you can make these drinking games??). Needless to say, more alcohol was consumed!
So, not the best run ever, but it was December 26 and it was in the high 50's so it was good. Brady biked along with me so I had company which was nice. Later that day we headed to St. Louis and went to the City Museum - a really cool place. The next morning I got up and ran 4-1/2 in the hills.
Sunday was a day off, but Brooke and I got back at it Monday with a 4 mile run - the weather was nice again on Monday so Brady and I biked after work - only a few miles, but I worked on one leg drills and track standing.
Tuesday - yesterday - I pushed myself for the first time in a while - I started at 5pm with core class. It consists of lots of sit-ups, push-ups, planks and other types of core exercises. It is an intense 15 minutes. That was followed up with a 60 minute spin class. We did a couple new exercises that left me a little fatigued - a good thing I think.
Next up, directly after spinning was the SWAT team's run through the lights. It was a group run we had planned to do before Christmas, but b/c of weather had to reschedule. There were around 20 people that showed up. It was a good run - somewhere between 5-1/2 and 6 miles. We ran through the light display in Carthage then up to the square and around and back. The weather was good and we kept up a decent pace. It felt very refreshing.
Today I have plans on doing 4 - possibly intervals, then Friday I will do 12, and Sunday is the first 5K of the year - Erick's Run!

So, I have decided I will do the Sarcoxie to Carthage Run with the Wind 25K the end of January, then the OKC Memorial Marathon the end of April. Now I have goals I can progress!! :-)

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