Thursday, October 9, 2008

Witchita Marathon Approaching

So, it's 9 days and counting to the Wichita marathon. Getting slightly nervous, but trying not too get too worked up about it. It's the first full since the stress fracture...sigh! We did our 23 mile long run last Saturday because we had an adventure race the weekend before. This means only a 2 week taper. I ended up having toe pain following the last run so I've been laying off since then. Nothing serious I don't think - it's at the base of the toe beside my big toe one of those metatarsal things I think - lol! Regardless it's hurt so I haven't run. Planning to do a short duathlon on Sunday - 5K run, bike 15, run 1 - no biggy, then maybe a couple 4 mile runs next week - we'll see how they go. Not so sure about running 9 minute miles at this point - looking to just finish in 4:30 probably - my PR is 4:16 I think, I'm not confident about hitting that goal, but we'll just see what race day holds!! :-)

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