Thursday, October 9, 2008

Margarita Bloks

So, I've been running distance for about 4 years I guess - my first marathon was in 2005. Since then I've done quite a bit of research on nutrition - not necessarily how much I need b/c I've been told I'm still not there, but more on what is good to eat - or better yet what I can make myself eat while running. The one thing I really seem to enjoy, whether it's a marathon or an adventure race are Margarita Clif Shot Bloks. They are so salty, but not too sweet like most of the other bloks and gels - so good. My 'running friend' Brooke and I think they are the bomb. Now, I've given them to others and they are usually a little too salty for them. We never use them for anything under 12 miles, but for those type distances they work just great. Generally one bag is enough to fuel up a bit (this is where there is some controversy) - we each take 3 and drink some water and can usually make it another hour or so.

For those of you new to bloks and gu's - blocks are kind of a cross between a gummi candy and jello I think. They are 'heavier' than a gummi and they are shaped in blocks - hence the name. Six come in a package for around 180 calories so splitting it gives you about 90, about the same as a gu. They come in lots of flavors and most have added caffiene or extra sodium. Margarita flavor just has the added sodium - no caffiene since that's on my list of things I don't do. Trust me this is a short list - lol!

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