Thursday, October 16, 2008

3 Days - 500 people?

Runs this week have gone pretty good. Still having toe issues, nothing serious though. Brookie and I ran 6 miles at lunch on Tuesday - it was hot, but we had a good run. We had plenty of stuff to chat about and she got to use her cognitive coaching skills on me so the run went by quickly. Yesterday I did a 4 mile run at lunch - in the rain (not sprinkles, heavy rain) with Brady riding his bike along with me. I probably owe him one for that b/c it was also pretty cold! ;-)
Today - the last day of running before marathon - Brookie and I ran 3 miles - actually 3.3. It was soooo cold this morning. So, on the run Brooke tells me that there are around 500 people registered to do the Wichita marathon. I think that is around 1,500 less than the smallest marathon I have done so far and that's not including the 5,000 or so that did the 1/2 marathon (there is no 1/2 at Wichita). So, I'm trying to get my head around the fact that there may not be people around us all the time. This will be more like training - just Brookie and I out for a run - it will just be in a different city! :-)

Now is the time for serious taper - rest and relaxation - sigh... The hardest part of marathon training I think - this is where it starts getting more mental than physical. You start questioning everything - did I train hard enough, too hard, is my body ready, what should I wear, what should I eat, etc. The easy answers are yes, we are ready and you eat what you always eat and we decided what to wear weeks ago so just chill! ;-) Easier said than done though. When you are physically active you can reduce or control stress - so now when you have the mental stress of marathon is when you are supposed to be a couch potato. It's very hard! I'm trying to get into the mode of it all - even though it's just Thursday I'm pretending it's casual Friday with my comfy fleece top and jeans! So far it seems to be helping.

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