Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Five fingers

From yesterday - I forgot to actually hit "publish post"...

Well, I made the purchase of a pair of Vibram Five Fingers a couple months ago after reading 'Born to Run'.  I figured I like to run barefoot and I already run on my toes so they should be a good fit for me.  I decided on the Sprint style.

I've ran a mile or two here or there since then with the longest run of 3 miles (with a couple walk breaks) at the YMCA on a treadmill up until yesterday.  Monday's I've been trying to get up before work and run 4 miles.  Yesterday I just couldn't make myself do it.  Anyway, I told myself I'd do it after work and before our 5:45pm group bike ride.  So, by the time I was ready to run I knew I only had time for 3 miles - great time to break out the Five Fingers again and give them a try on the road.  I should mention on the treadmill I had issues after a mile or so of blisters on my heals and at about 2-1/2 miles blisters on the bottoms of my big toes.  Fast forward to yesterday - I started my run at 5pm in the heat and not really sure what to expect.  It feels funny walking outside to run wearing these odd looking shoes.  The first mile was awesome (still hot, but awesome).  I felt like I could bound up hills without effort.  As I ran I kept analyzing how I was feeling.  By about mile 1-1/2 I started feel a rub on the bottom of my big toes, by 2-1/2 they were really starting to feel like blisters.  I finished up with my 3, but my toes were hurting.  I took off my shoes to assess the damage before the ride.  There are the beginnings of blisters, but they are below my calluses so they are kind of deep and hurt a bit.  I also realized my little toes felt bruised on the toe nail.  Nothing so bad that I kept from running today, but I didn't run in them again.  I went back to my Mizunos.  I'll give it a few days and try it again.  I think I may just need to develop better calluses and I'll be fine.  I hope anyway!  Overall I really like them and I like to run in them - I just don't like the pain.  I'm still waiting for the calf pain that I've heard others complain of - I guess I haven't run far enough to experience that yet.  

Anyone have any experience with them?  Wondering if these problems are normal and will go away with time?

So, still made it for a close to 20 mile group chill ride after the run.  Again in the Five Fingers since we were rocking the tandem (it doesn't have clipless pedals).   That was a workout just to keep my feet on the pedals and put enough force to keep us cruising uphill.  Overall it was fun though.  Since I stayed on my toes my calves did hurt after the ride, but in a good way.  

Till next time - run on!


  1. Did you notice your running style being any different? I've wondered about trying these....

  2. My running style is always on my toes so it hasn't been much of a change for me. Others I've talked too say it makes them run more on their toes than they are used too and tires out their calves quickly. They still like them a lot though.