Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Feeling the need to run

I do feel the need - not to run away this time - just to run. I haven't run (other than some happy frolics) since before vacation.
Not to say that I've been sedentary - once I finish my travel blog on our trip to Ireland you will be able to see specifically how non sedentary. Walking and some pretty awesome hiking was a big part of the last ten days. Just a few teaser highlights:

Trek to the top of Slieve Croob in the Dromara Hills (534m).
Although not a flattering picture of me, this helps to illustrate how extremely windy this walk proved too be. We were close to the top and it was taking effort to move one foot in front of the other. We were laughing hysterically at this point!

Spinc & Glenealo Valley trail at Glendalough (9km, 380m)

At this point we weren't even close to making it up the 600+ wooden steps that led to the top - if you look to the back and center of this shot you can kind of make out the trail that we took around the lakes.

I'm standing next to the path in this shot - we had to step off to let some other trekkers pass - the path in this section was made of two railroad timbers covered with chicken wire. We were close to the highest point.

This is a portion of the decent into the Glenealo Valley.

The sign says it all - and since you may or may not be able to read it - 'Dangerous Cliffs Ahead!'.

Awesome wood bridge.

Continuing down the trail - it continues for a while like this and then turns to rock.

Seriously an awesome trail. We had other hikes and many other walks, but those just stand out right now. As I sort through pics I'll probably have more posts specifically on our hikes (or hill walks as they call it).

But, like I said now I need to run - I intend to do just that tonight after work.

On a side note, after starting to read the book 'Pedaling Revolution' and seeing all the bikers in Ireland and Holland (on our brief stopover there) I realized what a slacker I've been by not biking too work. I made a commitment in my mind then to do it and today I stuck too that. With the weather getting colder we'll see how long this resolution lasts, but for now I'm on the bandwagon.

Run on, bike on!! :-)

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  1. The trip looks and sounds like it was a great time. Can't wait to see more pictures. Keep them coming ;-)