Thursday, December 3, 2009

Biking Transport continues

It's day 3 of riding my bike to work. Day 1 was awesome weather. Day 2 was pretty dang cold and the sprinkles on my way home didn't help. Day 3 (today) was exhilaratingly cold. It's one of those cold, but clear days. One of the things that made it a good ride in was riding by the junior high and hearing a girl say 'bikes are cool'. It seemed a sincere statement and not the sarcastic dribble I would have expected had the high school still been there.

I think the best way to get kids interested in biking and running as a way of life is by doing and showing them that it can be done. I love it when a family drives past me while I'm running and the little kids in the back seat smile and stare. I'm hoping they are thinking it's something they would like to do. It's also pretty fun when you're out on a group road ride, decked out in gear (or as decked out as I get - hehe) and kids get excited and wave and yell. Or when kids see you out on the trails and drool over your bike (this doesn't happen to me as much, but I've seen it - lol).

Anyway, I'm still planning to keep up this riding to and from work - as long as it's not below freezing AND raining/sleeting/snowing. Dodging cars in the short commute is still aggravating (for me and them I assume), but it's getting better. I've found better paths to take to help avoid most of the real ruckus. I saw another guy decked out in coat, gloves, backpack biking to (I assume) work or school when I walked out my door today so that was inspiring - Go Carthage!! ;-)
A quick side note though - I wonder how many people think I'm riding too work because I've lost my license or my car is broke down rather than just doing it for the enjoyment of it?? That's probably a whole other blog...

The main thing I plan to change is my bike - I've been riding my cross bike since it's the most accessible and it allows me to make detours through the park. It's great except for the pedals - if you don't clip in they are just too small to be very functional - especially in dress boots/shoes. Not too mention it looks a little funny riding it in work clothes. I think it's time to break out my Specialized hybrid - it's more of a touring/commuter bike and it has cages. I'll give it a go and see what happens.

Running is also back in my life (post-vacation) - I was able to run 4 on Tuesday and 6 last night with Brooke. So nice to have a running friend!! Not sure if I'll run tonight or tomorrow, but Saturday for sure - hopefully 10 if things go well (fingers crossed!).

Run on, bike on!

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  1. Keep up the are inspiring someone I am sure!!! Looking forward to a run on Sat. ;-)