Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not the Plan

So, the intention was to run 12, 16, 20 - then taper as usual. The 12 was a little rough, but OK. 16 turned into 13 because of real issues with arches and ankles. :-(
No way to go up to 20 without the threat of injury. I opted for 16 the following week and made it - went a little further with my walking recovery. It was a good run though - not much walking during the run - could have done a much better job of fueling, but the belly was an issue. This seems scary to me, but since I'm not in it to win it (or for time) I'm going to try to go from 16 to at least 18, but hopefully 20 on Saturday. That is 3 weeks out from the big day - eeeeeekkkk!! Anyway, should be interesting. I'll knock it down to a 12 the week before to allow for recovery, then hit it. Again, just to finish - no time goal!!!
After my 16 this weekend (that was sandwiched between a trip to the UK - sunday through friday night - think 6 hour time difference - and a trip to Ennis, TX that required leaving again on sunday afternoon) I took a day of rest on Monday then did 5 tonight. It was a good run around a 1/2 mile lake. The weather was nice and I felt good. I ran 5 miles and averaged 8:51 per mile. Still slower than I would like, but faster than I've been in months!! I felt like a rock star lapping the slow walkers in 2 laps, the fast walkers & slow joggers in 3 and everyone else at least once in the time I was there. They were my rabbits and they were appreciated.
To give an idea of how well my head has NOT been screwed on lately - I forgot my running clothes for this trip!!!! Seriously, I've never done that before. Craziness!! I ran to the local Hibbet's store - less than a block from the hotel and luckily they carried the Nike Tempo shorts I love in about every color. I went with a new one - dark grey with orange stripe - awesome!! Great for fall. ;-) They were super and I washed them out to wear for tomorrow night's run!!
The way the week is going I should be able to get home early enough thursday for a serious bike ride then I will plan to relax friday and hit it hard for my long run on Saturday!! Let's just hope all goes well!!
Till then!! :-)


  1. Plans smans....you are doing great and have a manageable goal set. Your lake run sounded like fun; 8:51 for 5 miles is great. Can't wait to see the new shorts. I love new running clothes and you had a great excuse to buy some but really....YOU forgot your running clothes???? I can't believe that.

    Looking forward to Saturday's run with my friend ;-) Back together again. Think I might be in for 8 if you are running at a normal pace ;-)

  2. Sweet run around the lake! Sounds like you will be fine in Chicago! Be sure to have fun! How's the banjo pickin' going?

  3. I know - I had shoes & socks - guess I thought I was good go go!! But, love the new orange shorts!! ;-)
    Chicago is going to be OK - ran 20 in 3:30 with a couple breaks so I should be able to make the 6:30 cut-off!!
    Banjo is good - my nephew and I together play a mean 'Sweet Home Alabama' - it's really fun!