Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here we go again

Sometimes things happen in life that keep us from doing what we want to do and force us into doing what has to be done. Rarely do I allow those 'have to' things to come between me and my running - there are always more hours in a day type of mentality. For at least the last week, and really a bit longer than that I've come across something that has actually kept me from running. It's not a running related injury, but it is a health issue. I'm not feeling the need, or desire yet to go into much detail - just to divulge the fact that it was a side-liner - mostly to allow me to get back to my blog.
So, coming off of that side-liner is where I am now. It was harder and more emotional than expected. It makes my stress fracture feel like a silly little runners injury that I can't believe I had to shed tears over (although that was a 3 month 'break'!!). I know I could have forced myself into running days ago, but it just felt 'weird'. I couldn't put my finger on anything really serious - just not right. I tried a 2 mile(ish) walk/jog with Brady and I just wasn't 'feeling it'. At this point I am leaning towards it being mental and I think this may have been one of the first times I have let a mental issue keep me from pounding pavement. I usually just force myself out there and tell myself that if I'm not into in 10 minutes I can go back in and curl up on the couch. That never happens - once your out there, in the clean air, feeling more alive than you feel the whole rest of the day - it always sucks me in. This was different I guess, but no mental issue was going to keep me down for long. Health wise I knew I was basically released (as much as modern 'practicers' of medicine will allow) so I finally jumped the hurdle. Of course it was through a bit of nudging and unintended peer pressure. I knew it would be coming - hoping and dreading all at the same time...
The text that read 'want to run tomorrow?' (Just as an aside - I love Brooke - it's a whole other post probably, but it sure is great having a such an awesome 'running friend'!!)
It was about 8:30PM and I was chatting with Brady and reading a book (multi-tasker that I am). I just looked at him and and said 'should I?' I don't know if he knew either - it was a toss up. I haven't been sleeping well and running requires getting even less, and we discussed it might make it even harder for me to make it through the (in my opinion) already too long work day. Argh, who cares, work days are hard to get through when you feel swell - might as well try it. I agreed - planned on leaving our houses at 5:45am to meet up at our 1/2 way point. It was a pretty slow 4 mile run with a few side-stitches, but it was also great. It's one run down and I feel ready to go again. Not one to slack too much I also have planned for road ride tonight and another run tomorrow. We shall see. I'm optimistic that I'm back.

In addition to my post about running with Brooke I will have to write another post based on my lack of training so far for Chicago marathon and how I intend to handle it (since I don't know yet). Also about coping with a seriously good (possibly non-existent) potential of not meeting my goal time.

Also, another aside - not even running related at all, just a bit fun...
The 'man' is super into playing instruments and music of all types. I love music - most all types, but have only ever played the flute in band (I know, band geek extraordinaire). Not sure why, but the banjo has always seemed like a fun thing to me. (Yeah, seriously not sure why - for those of you who know me well, or have known me through the years know that I am generally into a bit harder stuff - think Metallica, Ozzy, Tesla, GnR - yep, I know that dates me, but I just don't care - love the hair, love the metal - hehe!) I didn't want to go to the expected line though - Brady has all that - keys, guitar, bass, etc. - so the banjo it was. He went and picked it up the other night - I've been 'playing with it' - much, much different than actually 'playing' it!! But, it's a hoot. Just now learning 'rolls' - very interesting and fun. Like I need another hobby, but hey you only live once...

By the way; 'Battlefield Running' I didn't remember until after this purchase that you were a 'semi-professional banjo player'!! I knew you played and traveled to listen to some blue grass - might have to hit you up for some pointers! :-)

Till next time...


  1. Hey, Chanti! I think the Banjo is the greatest instrument ever invented! Been playing for 30 years. I will help you anytime..for free! I'll tell you about festivals coming up..Starvy Creek Sept 17th! In Conway Mo. My buddies are the Emcees.
    Sorry you've been sidelined, but I'm sure you'll be ready to at least enjoy Chicago.

  2. I need to get a pic of the banjo to post for fun. Unfortunately I will be in jolly o'England on the 17th for work. :(
    Keep me posted though - I'm sure this fall we'll be looking to go some places & see some 'real' pickers. :-)

    Yep, the goal for Chicago is going to have to be 'enjoy the journey' and I think I'm getting to be OK with that.